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Black Friday needs fixing: let’s turn Black Friday green

By Guste Nov 14, 2019

The clocks have turned back, the nights are drawing in and as December draws near we enter into the shopping season, kicking off with Black Friday.

What started as a Christmas shopping day after Thanksgiving, has quickly grown into a global phenomenon, encouraging shoppers to replace the old with the new, and buy, buy, buy.

But at Moixa, we’ve been looking at Black Friday and the impact it has on the world around us. We’ve been looking at the climate emergency and it is clear to us, that Black Friday needs fixing.

We’ve been wondering; what if on Black Friday, people only bought items that helped rather than harmed the world? What if Black Friday purchases became an investment in the world? Just imagine if the billions of pounds spent on Black Friday last year, had been spent on green, clean technology. The world would look like a very different place.

At Moixa, we want to encourage people to invest and purchase products that will help the world rather than impact it. We don’t want to boycott Black Friday, but we do want to take Black Friday and turn it green.
That is why we have a special £500 discount on our Moixa Smart Battery, not only for Black Friday but from November 15th until December 6th.

What is a Moixa Smart Battery?

The Moixa Smart Battery is a smart solar battery, that uses GridShare software to help you unlock the full value of your solar panels.

How does it work?

Solar panels generate energy during the day and if you don’t use it, you lose it. For many solar panel owners, much of the energy their panels generate is sent back to the grid. However, with a Moixa Smart Battery, you can store the energy you generate during the day to give you access to clean, low-cost energy at night. You can sleep a little easier knowing you are maximising the value and impact of your solar investment.

What makes it smart?

GridShare is the software that puts the ‘smart’ in every Moixa Smart Battery. GridShare identifies a home’s energy generation and consumption patterns, looks at weather forecasts and reviews the home’s energy tariff. Then, based on all the data points, GridShare generates a personalised battery charging plan that works best for you. 

With GridShare, there is also the option to unlock your battery to provide energy services to support the grid and enable a new era of sustainable energy in the UK. Every Moixa Smart Battery owner has the option to take part in this and we call it GridShare Membership.

How does GridShare Membership support a new era of sustainable energy?

The energy system in the UK is changing and the world is going through an energy transition. We are moving away from traditional, power-station models and towards more distributed sources of renewable energy like wind farms, or solar panels on a home’s roof.

However, this shift has brought some difficulties to the UK’s energy landscape, as we can’t control when the sun shines or the winds blow and so sometimes there is too little or too much energy available. This is where home energy storage and GridShare Membership can step in to help. When a battery owner signs up, they allow Moixa to effectively add their battery to a group of other batteries and create a Virtual Power Plant. This enables Moixa to help balance the UK energy network by either sharing the energy stored in your battery or utilising the spare capacity in your battery. By helping balance the grid, we can give the energy networks more support and confidence as they move into a future powered by renewable energy.

Learn more about GridShare Membership here

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Disclaimer: This Black Friday Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. Only one discount per household.