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12 Highlights of 2018

By Guste Dec 18, 2018

2018 has been a big year for Moixa and as it draws to an end, we have taken time to reflect on our 12 Moixa highlights.

1. Announced our strategic partnership with ITOCHU Corporation

In January, we started the year with the news of our investment and partnership with one of Japan’s leading Fortune 500 trading houses, ITOCHU Corporation. Japan is a world-leading energy innovation market with more than 125,000 energy storage systems, which Moixa and ITOCHU forecast will exceed half a million by 2020. Our partnership with ITOCHU has enabled us to further develop our GridShare software and thus offer advanced AI capabilities for ITOCHU Smartstar and Moixa Smart Batteries.

2. Clean Energy Award Winner

In February, Moixa was presented with a Clean Energy Award where our Smart Battery was recognised as the Most Energy Efficient Product of the year!

Clean Energy Awards

3. Joined Vehicle to Grid Britain (V2GB)

In February we also joined a consortium of leading energy and transport companies, to study how to reward drivers who use their electric vehicle (EV) batteries to support the UK’s power grid. Our pioneering GridShare software has been developed to manage flows of energy to and from EV batteries, and aggregates them to function as a virtual power plant, supporting the energy network. The platform also uses machine learning to profile drivers’ patterns of behaviour so that cars always have sufficient power for their needs.

4. Moixa’s first TV ad

Our first TV ad aired in April, showcasing how our Smart Battery works with solar panels, take a look here.

5. Showcased Moixa at over 20 events 

Over the year we took Moixa and our renewable energy revolution to events across the UK, as well as hosting a few events of our own. Keep an eye out for upcoming events we are taking part in in 2019 by following us on Twitter or LinkedIn.

6. Launched GridShare across 3,500 homes in Japan

In October we rolled out our GridShare artificial intelligence (AI) platform to 3,500 third party batteries in homes across Japan – possibly the largest cluster of managed batteries currently in the world – delivering a combined capacity of 35MWh at launch.

Because Japan has such a developed solar and battery storage industry, it’s a prime market for GridShare. Additionally, the earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters that have blighted the country over recent years have caused widespread power outages meaning more and more people are turning to battery storage to reduce their dependence on the grid.

7. “Read all about it!”

Over the year we were included in 171 publications with over 1 billion readers! With Moixa being included in publications such as Bloomberg, the Financial Times,, BBC, Business Green and the Daily Express, we were able to spread our message about sustainability and renewable energy far and wide.

8. Our website had a revamp!

Since our business has rapidly expanded and our product capabilities have increased over the past 12 months, we decided to give a facelift. Take a look at our new site to learn about our products and services.

9. Developed a bigger capacity battery

Early on in the year we updated our 2kWh and 3kWh batteries and in October we welcomed the development of a 4.8kWh battery. By adding another battery to our product range we will be able to ensure that Moixa Smart Batteries are perfectly matched to a households needs and solar array.

10. Upscaled our office

As well as upscaling our battery we upscaled our office! With our ever growing team, our London office was getting a bit cramped, so we expanded to the next floor! We now have a great event area along with space for further expansion.

11. Work started on the £10.8 million Smart Energy Islands Project

In July, we began installing our Moixa Smart Batteries on the Isles of Scilly in the first stage of a landmark programme that aims to transform the lives of islanders and provide a model for smart grids across the globe. The £10.8 million Smart Island project will demonstrate how solar power, batteries, smart heating technologies and electric vehicles (EVs) can work together to support the islands’ energy system, alleviate fuel poverty and reduce toxic carbon emissions.

12. People

We grew the team to over 50 talented individuals spread across our Manchester and London offices. All working towards delivering the best service and value to our clients and customers!

If you are interested in joining the Moixa Team then keep an eye out for job roles on our website!

Image of the Moixa Team

We are also thrilled to announce that along with our new recruits, Bowie the office dog joined the gang!