Solar Battery » Honda collaborates with Moixa to launch e:PROGRESS – Honda’s new energy management service

Honda collaborates with Moixa to launch e:PROGRESS – Honda’s new energy management service

By Guste Mar 06, 2020

This week Honda released details of their new energy management service, e:PROGRESS. Designed to get EVs from A-to-B using the cleanest and cheapest available energy – Honda will be using GridShare Software alongside an EV specific energy tariff to roll out a truly smart EV charging service.

e:progress, Honda's energy management business

Since 2019, Moixa has been working closely with Honda to deliver its Energy Management Business in Europe. We are delighted that e:PROGRESS will be available in 2020 to support Honda’s electrification goals and Moixa’s vision of a world powered by renewable energy.

What is e:PROGRESS?

e:PROGRESS will allow customers to take advantage of the most cost-effective electricity prices, whilst also optimising the use of electricity from renewable sources. The service will launch exclusively for Honda e customers in the UK, and will then expand to other countries and cars.

Moixa’s GridShare Software will be used to enable e:PROGRESS customers to smart charge their vehicles, using the cheapest and cleanest energy available. Customers will simply specify their preferred parameters for the minimum state of charge through their smartphone app, leaving GridShare to manage when and how the car will charge.

Honda E charging.Jørgen Pluym, Energy Management Project Leader, Honda Motor Europe, comments: “The introduction of e:PROGRESS marks a key milestone for Honda in the development of our Energy Management business here in Europe, bringing together all of our work to date to offer real value to EV owners. This is our first move into a service business model in the energy space, and we are committed to continuing to invest and develop in this area as part of the move towards electrification and widespread adoption of electric vehicles.”

“This is the start of a really exciting decade for Moixa – we are making huge strides towards enabling the decarbonisation of transport,” said Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa. “Our AI GridShare technology could intelligently manage hundreds of thousands of Honda EV batteries to deliver real cost savings for drivers, ultimately encouraging EV adoption and accelerating the transition to net-zero carbon emissions.”

Honda and Moixa in Partnership

The news of e:PROGRESS follows the launch of our innovative vehicle-to-grid (V2G) project with Honda and Islington Town Council. Five EVTEC bi-directional V2G chargers, jointly developed by Honda, were installed with GridShare Software outside Islington Town Hall. The system charges the EV batteries when power on the local network is cheapest and cleanest and discharges power from the car batteries when it is most expensive and carbon intensive. When EVs are plugged in to all of the chargers, the smart technology can provide enough power to meet the town hall’s base-load electricity demand.

We look forward to continuing our partnership with Honda and working closely together in future. If you would like to hear the latest announcement from Moixa, watch this space and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

In the News

Honda E charging.

The Sunday Times: Honda offers ‘one-stop-shop’ home wallbox and energy tariff to all electric car owners

Honda says customers will get a one-stop-shop solution that ensures not only smart home charging hardware, but also software that ensures cars are charged at the least costly times of day – if possible at night, during low demand on the Grid – and also with electricity from the most renewable sources possible, including solar, wind and hydro.

Current News: Honda hails ‘key milestone’ as it launches commercial energy management service for EVs

Honda has launched its first commercial energy management service, partnering Vattenfall and Moixa to offer an electric vehicle (EV) service bundle. e:PROGRESS, as the service has been dubbed, will offer consumers smart chargers together with a green energy tariff and a charge control system.

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