Solar Battery » Moixa and Alfen: Bringing the cleanest & lowest-cost energy to electric vehicle owners

Moixa and Alfen: Bringing the cleanest & lowest-cost energy to electric vehicle owners

By Guste Feb 14, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest partnership with Alfen! The partnership kickstarts with a trial for 10 lucky electric vehicle (EV) owners, who will receive a smart Alfen charger installed with our AI-powered GridShare software, free-of-charge (pardon the pun). To take part, participants will need to have solar panels, a smart meter and be willing to share feedback with the Moixa Team.
To register your interest, contact today!

What are we trialling and why?

The trial will help us increase our knowledge around how to optimise EV Charging for homes with both solar PV and time of use tariffs.
Stratford Energy will be installing Alfen’s EVE Single Pro-line chargers, alongside a Moixa Hub, which will then deliver the smarts of GridShare software to the EV Charger.
Through GridShare, personalised plans will be sent to each Alfen Charger to adjust the cars charging behaviour. This is to ensure that EVs are charged primarily through self-generated solar energy, or from the grid at cheaper rates. GridShare takes into account household energy consumption patterns, predicted solar generation and the homes energy tariff; to create a personalised charging plan that works best for the EV owner.

Smart Charging the Future

The trial will also allow us to improve our understanding of the impact that smart charging can have on the grid. By developing truly smart charging capabilities, we will be able to better support the future of renewable energy and can create a more robust grid and energy network.

Simon Daniel, Founder and CEO of Moixa said of the trial:
Smart charging will be essential for supporting the acceleration of EVs. Up to a fifth of new cars will be EVs by 2026 and up to 36 million ‘batteries on wheels’ are forecast on UK roads by 2040. Smart charging solutions will help drive this rapid growth and ensure our power networks don’t become overloaded

Alex Earl, Alfen’s UK Country Manager, says this solution will “enable EV drivers to be even more sustainable, by charging at the cleanest and most cost-effective times”.

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