Solar Battery » Be one of the first 25 households to trial our 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Battery Systems, optimised by the Moixa Hub.

Be one of the first 25 households to trial our 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Battery Systems, optimised by the Moixa Hub.

By Guste Jan 15, 2020

At Moixa, we build clean technology products to help the world live in a future powered by renewables. As part of this vision, we are constantly looking at expanding our product range, so that more people can unlock the full potential of solar energy. We are now thrilled to offer our newest product offering to 25 UK households. These homes will receive one of the first installations of our latest 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Battery System, optimised by the Moixa Hub.

Join the trial today and receive early bird pricing on 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh of smart battery storage.

Why should I add energy storage to a solar PV system?

Solar panels generate energy during the day, but if you don’t use it as and when it is generated, you lose it. Often for solar panel owners, a large amount of the clean, renewable energy they generate is sent back to the grid. They then have to buy this energy back when they return home. The amount that most solar panel owners receive for the energy they export (to the grid), is a lot less than the energy they purchase through their energy suppliers in the evening.

When adding energy storage to your solar PV system, you can store the energy throughout the day, so you can access clean, free energy at night. With smart energy storage (like our 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Battery System), the value of that energy is maximised by taking into consideration your household habits and smart tariff.

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With GridShare Membership, you have the option of unlocking your battery to provide energy services to support the grid and enable a new era of sustainable energy in the UK.

What is a 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Battery System, optimised by the Moixa Hub?

The Moixa Hub acts as a gateway to Moixa’s digital smart-energy platform. Once installed, this will allow you to view the performance of your battery through the Moixa Dashboard or app. By adding a Moixa Hub, we can make your energy storage smart. By looking through your household energy habits, our Moixa Hub can increase the value delivered by your energy storage through smart charging and grid-services.

What is included in the 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Battery System? 

The 7.2kWh & 9.6kWh Battery Systems are made up of a Moixa Hub, Pylontech Battery Modules and a Victron Inverter. They can be retrofitted onto existing solar systems or Moixa can offer a solar and battery package. 

How is the 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Battery System different from the 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery?

The 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Battery Systems are larger in usable capacity than the 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery, but all three devices have the same level of ‘smarts’. The main difference between the products is the design. The 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery has the battery modules, inverter and Moixa Hub fully contained within a beautifully designed case. The new 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Battery Systems are individual components, allowing for additional capacity to be added in future*. Our Moixa Accredited Installers can install the larger Battery Systems, in the most compact and suitable way for your home.

How do I choose the right sized battery for me?

People often assume that the bigger means better. However, choosing the right-sized battery for your home and lifestyle is the most important factor to consider when purchasing energy storage. The size of the battery you need depends on; how much energy you are generating, how much of that you consume and how much energy you use in your home overall. Our friendly team of Solar Storage Specialists are on hand to help you choose the right-sized battery. They take into account your expected solar PV generation, along with information about your home energy profile, to advise you on the most beneficial battery for your home.

What is the usable capacity of the battery?

To prolong the life and performance of batteries optimised by Moixa, our batteries operate at 80% depth of discharge. This means 80% of its stated capacity can be used at any time, for instance a 7.2kWh battery has 5.8kWh of usable capacity.

What is the benefit of taking part in the trial?

Trialists will benefit from early bird prices and will be able to access one of only 25 available trial installations. You will also be the first to own the largest sized batteries optimised by Moixa on the market.

Contact our friendly team of Solar Storage Specialists today by emailing, calling 0161 883 2374 or filling in our request a quote form.

There are only 25 7.2kWh and 9.6kWh Battery Systems optimised by the Moixa Hub available at the early bird price.
As a trialist for our new battery system, Moixa may reach out to you for feedback about your experience and about the energy storage device.
Pricing and specifications are subject to change.
*Increasing the capacity will incur additional costs