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Our partnership with Energia: Taking our Moixa Smart Battery & GridShare software to Ireland

By Guste Oct 25, 2019

This week, Moixa’s vision to support a world powered by renewable energy got a little closer, as we entered into a partnership with Energia. The partnership will take our Moixa Smart Battery and GridShare software into the Irish market and will support Energia in leading the way to develop a smarter, renewable-energy system in Ireland. 

Moixa will be delivering 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Batteries to Energia customer homes, as well as working on a trial to deliver flexibility services in Ireland. Together, we’ll aim to deliver a flagship project to create a 120kWh virtual power plant (VPP) from Moixa Smart Batteries and potentially EV charge-points.  This VPP will support the development of a smart energy system in Ireland by aggregating home and vehicle batteries to provide frequency-related grid services to EirGrid, the Irish transmission system operator (TSO).


Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa, said: “This partnership puts Ireland at the vanguard of the digital energy revolution – delivering a cost-effective, innovative and reliable power system and acting like a blueprint for others across the world.

Moixa is expanding internationally thanks to our pioneering approach to battery and asset management. We are already responsible for 9000+ batteries across the UK and Japan and we’re primed to meet the growing global demand for sustainable energy solutions.”

Smart renewable energy system for Ireland

In July, Energia announced a €3 billion investment in Irish renewable infrastructure over the next five years, adding as much as 1.5GW of renewable generation to the grid. Moixa’s partnership with Energia will support this shift and demonstrate how intelligently managed storage technologies can support this transition.

The project will also support EirGrid’s DS3 programme, which aims to deliver a secure and sustainable electricity system in Ireland, with 40% of electricity coming from renewable sources by 2020. By working with Moixa, EirGrid will able to explore the potential of unlocking flexibility at a domestic level. By running our GridShare software on the batteries and potentially EV Chargers in the project, we’ll be able to create a VPP that can react to various signals from EirGrid and support the Irish grid when needed. A common trigger point for this will be if there is a sudden fluctuation in grid frequency, for example caused through power station failure or intermittent renewable generation.

Moixa has multiple contracts with system operators to deliver flexibility using spare capacity from batteries in the UK. Most recently with a contract to deliver flexibility to UK Power Networks in the Lewes-Newhaven region.

At Moixa, we’re proud to be delivering solutions for clean renewable electricity to the Irish public. To find out more about the Energia offer, visit their website here.
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Simon Daniel quote about Energia Partnership