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Driving forward with smart EV fleet charging: Another exciting innovation project for Moixa

By Guste Apr 02, 2020

At Moixa, we are thrilled to be announcing our involvement in another exciting innovation project, to optimise smart EV (electric vehicle) fleet charging. Capitalising on our expertise of managing over 15,000 devices across the UK and Japan, we will be collaborating with UK Power Network Services, UPS and Cross River Partnership to deliver this forward-thinking project with Innovate UK, called EFLES.

EFLES, or the EV Fleet-Centred Local Energy Systems project, is aimed at bringing smart optimisation, of businesses with growing fleets of EVs. The project intends to demonstrate how smart charging can incentivise large fleet operators to take the leap to EVs; in turn cutting carbon emissions, air pollution and energy costs.

Set to begin on 1st of May 2020, EFLES will heavily involve Moixa’s GridShare software and show how artificial intelligence (AI) can break down the barriers to electrification for global fleet operators, by maximising the cost and carbon savings from EVs. GridShare will analyse a multitude of data sources at UPS’ Camden depot – including energy prices, power demand and weather forecasts – to optimise charging for when energy is cleanest and cheapest, while also using onsite energy storage and solar power generation.

“Our ever-growing online shopping rates mean we’re delivering more things than ever before – everything from food shopping to medical supplies – and that’s having a big impact on carbon emissions and air pollution in our cities. Mitigating these impacts is a massive challenge but this project shows how, with the help of AI-powered technology, like GridShare, the world’s biggest fleet operators can go electric and achieve their environmental ambitions,” said Simon Daniel, CEO of Moixa.

Collaborating with other thought-leading partners


UPS will provide its expertise in fleet operations and act as a testbed to demonstrate the business case for AI-led local energy systems, providing a blueprint for other global fleet operators to follow. 

“As leading experts in transport logistics, UPS champions alternative energy use. We have the global expertise, smart-charging infrastructure and resources to host this first-of-a-kind testbed at our Camden facility. This project will build on our EV infrastructure technology to help develop a holistic local energy system. We are proud to spearhead such an exciting smart-grid project and look forward to taking it to the next level by making it even smarter.” said Claire Thompson-Sage, Sustainable Development Coordinator at UPS.

Cross River Partnership

Cross River Partnership will assess how these technology solutions can deliver London’s aims to improve air quality, unlock job opportunities and deliver energy, cost and time savings for businesses in the UK and internationally. The project builds on the Smart Electric Urban Logistics trial from 2017-19, which saw CRP, UPS and UK Power Networks develop new charging technology at the Camden depot, to overcome the challenge of charging an EV fleet without a costly upgrade of the local power network.

“We are delighted to partner with UPS, Moixa and UK Power Networks Services on this truly innovative project. We are proud that London is again the location for testing new technology that supports clean growth and greener transport. This collaboration is testament to our longstanding commitment to working in partnership to deliver and share new ways of addressing the challenges we face with innovative solutions,” said Susannah Wilks, Director of Cross River Partnership.

UK Power Networks Services

One of the key challenges to the electrification of transport is the capacity of local power networks to deliver charging. Power infrastructure is becoming increasingly constrained and network reinforcement can be costly. Smart charging can help by shifting demand to less constrained times, alleviating pressure on local networks and avoiding costly network upgrades.

Philip Heathcote, Head of Markets at UK Power Networks Services, said: “We are delighted to continue partnering with UPS and Cross River Partnership to deliver this innovative project with Moixa that will provide further data and insight into how we can get more electric vehicles on the road in the most efficient and cost-effective way.”

Having implemented UPS’ smart charging solution, UK Power Networks Services will continue its partnership with the global logistics company and work with Moixa to support the installation of new local energy system software into the existing framework. The company will also develop a commercial framework that will analyse the feasibility of the solution and work in collaboration with UPS to identify technical and commercial specifications unique to the company’s Camden centre.

This specification will be implemented into Moixa’s software to ensure an efficient, reliable and low-cost smart charging solution in London.

We look forward to getting started on this exciting new project with other thought-leading companies. If you would like to hear the latest announcements from Moixa, stay watching this blog and make sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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