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In support of Ofgem’s Decarbonisation Action Plan

By Guste Feb 10, 2020

On the 3rd of February 2020, the new CEO of Ofgem Jonathan Brearley launched Ofgem’s Decarbonisation Action Plan. The document sets out Ofgem’s 9-step plan to decarbonise energy and set the UK on the path to net-zero. Ofgem’s plan had many welcome statements and the report was overwhelmingly encouraging, especially around flexibility.

Ofgem’s nine point action plan is as follows:

  1. We will build adaptability into our price controls to ensure network companies invest efficiently and are able to adapt to changes in technology and infrastructure.
  2. We will set up a regulatory fund to unlock investment in innovative solutions to tackle climate change.
  3. We will explore, with government and industry, opportunities for greater coordination to enable rapid expansion of an offshore grid at lowest cost.
  4. We will harness our existing knowledge and expertise to help government and the industry develop cost-effective and low risk options to decarbonise heating.
  5. We are reviewing the way our energy systems are managed to ensure they are fit for a net-zero future.
  6. We will create a more flexible electricity system to ensure that consumers will benefit from the lowest cost transition to a reliable net-zero system.
  7. We will develop a regulatory strategy on electric vehicles to support roll out and maximise the benefits to consumers.
  8. We will support innovation and experimentation, particularly in the retail market, to create low carbon products and services that will directly benefit consumers.
  9. We will respond to the need to take big decisions facing a deeply uncertain future by becoming more adaptive in the way we work and in our regulatory approaches.

All actions points show positive moves to decarbonise, but point 6 was very exciting for the Moixa Team, as it shows clear intent to support the future of flexibility. As a member of the Flexibility First Forum, we want to support Britain’s transition to a zero-carbon, smart, flexible energy system. We believe that to ensure the success of the renewable energy transition, there is a greater need for flexibility to ensure the security of the grid and that decentralised energy storage can be key to this.

Moixa and the future of flexibility

As the UK strives to bring more renewable energy sources onto the grid, we need to move away from controlling supply and instead focus on controlling demand. To do this, we need to accurately predict consumption behaviours and use technology to modify the demand profile of a home, without impacting people’s lives.

At Moixa, we focus on developing software and hardware that manages demand through energy storage and smart charging. Our AI-powered GridShare software optimises each energy asset to maximise behind-the-meter savings and increase opportunities for income, by making power available for emerging flexibility markets. Moixa was among one of the first flexibility providers to aggregate residential batteries and deliver flexibility services to a DNO with Western Power Distribution in 2019. We are also working in partnership with Flexitricity, to look at ways to access other flexibility markets at the transmission level.

For our Moixa Smart Battery customers, we offer the chance to be involved in early-stage Flexibility markets or grid services by joining GridShare Membership. Back in 2019, Moixa won a contract with UK Power Networks (UKPN), in one of the country’s first deals, to provide energy capacity to a local electricity network from home energy storage in certain Sussex postcodes. For customers who are signed up to GridShare Membership in the Sussex area, their batteries will be used to help support the local grid and they will be rewarded through GridShare Membership for taking part in the future of energy.
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In support of Ofgem’s Decarbonisation Plan, we were one of 23 signatories from the Flexibility First Forum to sign an open letter. Take a look at the letter of support below.