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World Environment Day: 5 things you can do to make a difference

By Guste Jun 05, 2020

June 5th is World Environment Day, the UN’s yearly campaign to raise awareness of environmental issues across the world. This year’s theme is ‘Time for Nature’, and it also coincides with the launch of the UN’s Race to Zero Campaign, with the aim of reaching zero emissions by 2050, at the latest.
To celebrate these campaigns and help raise awareness, we’ve pulled together a list of five actions, both small and large, that you can take to lower your carbon footprint and support the environment. So that we can ensure that future generations are also able to enjoy our beautiful planet.

1. Help rewild your patch of the world

As explained by Rewilding Britain, “Rewilding is the large-scale restoration of ecosystems where nature can take care of itself. Rewilding encourages a balance between people and the rest of nature where each can thrive.” Rewilding also has a key part to play in drawing carbon out of the atmosphere and locking it away. You can support the great work that Rewilding Britain does by giving them a donation on their website here, or you can support rewilding by taking those practices into your own backyard.

According to The Guardian, due to people paving their front garden, “the capital is losing the equivalent of two-and-a-half Hyde Parks of greenery a year from its domestic gardens – about 3,000 hectares (7,410 acres).”
Take a look at their top tips to rewild your own backyard and help rewild your own patch of nature.
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2. Help keep fossil fuels in the ground by choosing a renewable electricity tariff

During the COVID-19 pandemic, peoples lifestyles have changed drastically and this has impacted our energy consumption habits, with large reductions in energy demand. On top of needing less electricity, we’ve had some great weather for renewable energy generation, leading to recording-breaking periods without needing coal to meet the nations energy demands. Currently, we stand at 56 days without coal and counting, with record-low carbon intensity on Sunday 24th June. However, as the country starts to return to something that resembles our previous lives, and consumption patterns start to increase, you can help the country ‘Build Back Better’ by choosing an electricity tariff that is 100% renewable energy. This helps promote more investment in the renewables industry and ensures that your home isn’t powered by fossil fuels.
You can even compare and find the best renewable energy tariff for you on uSwitch. Take a look here >>

3. Travel more sustainably

The way in which we travel can make a big difference to our environmental impact. Due to the pandemic, many of us, have already changed the way in which we think about our need for travel. Working from home has become somewhat of a norm, and many of us may not return to the same daily commute once the lockdown restrictions lift, reducing car use across the country. However, will the lack of social distancing measures also make people more hesitant to travel on public transport?

Either way, one solution is to look at pedal power. With a £250m investment pledged by the government to build better cycle infrastructure, you could lower your carbon footprint whilst getting healthier and making public transport and the roads less congested for the people who need it!

4. Say no to unnecessary plastic

Plastic pollution has a harrowing effect on both land and sea, and over the past 100 years, humans have produced a huge amount of plastic, with much of it left improperly disposed of.
Although it can be difficult to avoid plastic completely in modern life, there are many sustainable options which can help you reduce your plastic footprint:

  • Replace your plastic toothbrush with bamboo
  • Think about choosing a re-usable coffee cup instead of the often unrecyclable takeaway options
  • Take a packed lunch – if you are guilty of a regular meal deal or food on the go, you are probably contributing a lot of unrecyclable material to the landfill. Why not save money, keep an eye on what you are eating and avoid unnecessary plastics by taking a packed lunch (we’d suggest a box that avoids plastic)
  • Choose a delivery of an organic vegetable box. Many of the vegetables in the supermarket are pre-wrapped in plastic. Get your vegetables delivered by a brand like Abel & Cole and you can get plastic-free seasonal foods.

5. Generate and store your own solar energy

At Moixa, we are committed to supporting the move away from fossil fuels by optimising the way people generate, distribute and consume renewable energy. We offer solar and battery packages which can help you save up to 50% off your household bills, whilst lowering your carbon footprint.

A 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery

With solar panels, you generate electricity throughout the day as your panels convert the suns power into energy. This energy is then used to power your home, and any additional energy generated that you don’t need is sent back to the grid. Most homeowners are only paid a small amount for this exported energy. As the sun goes down, your house will once again rely on the grid to power your home, often leaving you to pay for grid electricity at a much higher rate than what you sold your solar to the grid for. With a battery, however, you are able to store the additional energy you generate during the day, so you can use it to power your home later on in the evening, helping you make the most out of your solar panels whilst lowering your bills!
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