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Five key features of Moixa’s GridShare Partner platform

By Mara Aug 20, 2021

At Moixa, we work with energy suppliers, network companies, battery manufacturers and property managers to provide them with the tools to manage and optimise energy storage assets.

Moixa’s GridShare Partner platform provides advanced functionality to our business clients to maximise value from their fleet of devices for themselves and their customers. This customisable cloud-based software platform offers a suite of tools to monitor and report asset performance, measure savings, and deliver customer support.

To better understand the functionality of GridShare Partner, we sat down with Senior Product Manager Sebastian Wolf to discuss its most exciting features and the benefits they bring to different stakeholders. Sebastian identified five key features and walked us through their main capabilities.

1) Access to the fleet’s live data

Today, many organisations are increasingly aware of big data’s potential and are keen on translating insights from advanced analytics into commercial decisions.

GridShare Partner’s Dashboard provides users with instant access to critical data from individual devices, showing both live and historical data.

Users have the option to group devices, enabling aggregated data sets to be reviewed and compared. The real-time data Dashboard is automatically updated, and the Live Power Flow feature shows aggregated power flows between grid, batteries, solar, and consumption.

This feature enables partners to monitor and measure their fleet’s performance while gathering helpful information on their customers to develop effective strategies based on aggregated and individual fleet live data. This allows partners to identify commercial opportunities and deliver superior customer propositions and savings.

2) Savings from Moixa’s GridShare software

This feature displays cost savings from Moixa’s GridShare by comparing the energy cost for the customer without a battery, the energy cost the customer would have paid if they had a battery but no GridShare AI optimisation, and the cost with the battery optimised by our software.
Therefore, a user can compare these values (at a device and aggregated level) and clearly see the savings generated by GridShare over weekly and monthly increments.

This feature plays a key role for partners to determine the financial benefits that GridShare’s AI optimisation provides to the battery owner, allowing Partner users to analyse their end customers’ savings and showcase the economic gains to the relevant stakeholders.

This feature is highly beneficial to one of our key partners, the Japanese general trading company ITOCHU, which manages a fleet of more than 28,000 Smart Star ESS by leveraging Moixa’s GridShare software.
In fact, through the GridShare Partner platform, ITOCHU has visibility of the savings we are generating for their customers. Our analysis has shown that the addition of GridShare’s AI optimisation saves the average ITOCHU customer an additional 14% on top of what they would have saved from having a battery without smart control.

3) Remote customer support

Support teams are an essential part of the customer experience. Among our clients’ critical needs is delivering first-in-class support to their customers. After listening to their feedback, the Moixa team developed several capabilities for GridShare Partner to provide efficient remote customer support at the device level.

The Device Management feature enables a GridShare Partner user to find a specific device in their fleet and its key operational data, manage the device’s settings, and review the device’s details and history.

The Customer Management feature lets a GridShare Partner user find a customer account and carry out key customer support functions such as password resets, device activation, and troubleshooting technical issues.
In accordance with GDPR, the processing of all customer data is based on principles of transparency, security, and confidentiality.

The possibility of offering remote customer support is a key asset for reducing operational costs and improving scalability by providing an actively good customer experience through detailed query resolution.

4) Maps

This feature allows partners to review live data about groups within their fleet by geographic or network regions.
Aggregated data is provided per group so that users can see the detailed power flow and energy history data in their fleet per region or network area.

This feature also plays a supporting role in assessing flexibility resources. A pop-up will appear when clicking a region, showing a summary of the region’s devices, stored energy, and flexible capacity. Moixa’s partners can use these maps to evaluate their customers’ flexibility in a given area and plan for participation in grid services.

5) Weather Backup

We are reaching the tipping point in the fight against climate change, and we are constantly seeing a global increase in extreme weather such as heatwaves and severe storms. To protect smart battery owners from these severe weather events while helping to build a reliable grid, we’ve developed the Weather Backup feature.

Moixa’s GridShare software checks AccuWeather for weather alerts every 30 minutes. When a severe weather alert is triggered for a particular location, this feature automatically charges up batteries that have enabled this feature to prepare customers for any possible power outage (if the hardware allows for the backup function). The battery is held at full charge as long as the weather alerts continue, then the software releases the battery back to its AI-driven optimisation mode after the weather threat has ended.

This feature is particularly valuable in areas subject to extreme weather events such as the US or Japan, hit by typhoons and blizzards that have often caused severe damage.
Thanks to this functionality, ITOCHU customers have gained resilience against power outages while also helping to decarbonise their energy system. You can read more about the benefits of this feature in our blog post.

Moixa’s GridShare Partner platform to support the energy revolution

In a world that is grappling with climate change, Moixa’s innovative technology is key for maximising energy storage’s potential and helping to stabilise the grid.

GridShare Partner’s fleet management tools support our partners in achieving their business goals and adding great customer service while driving decarbonisation and building a future powered by renewables.

If you are interested in learning more about Moixa’s GridShare Partner and collaborating with us, please contact our business services team.