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What does the future hold for renewable energy in the UK?

By Guste Jun 14, 2018

The shift to renewable energy is accelerating

In 2017, the amount of electricity generated from renewable energy: solar, wind, biomass and hydroelectricity, could have powered the whole of Britain in 1958. In fact, 2017 was the greenest year to date in the UK, with more than a dozen renewable energy records smashed. For an entire six-month period, Britain was producing more power from solar panels than coal and for the first time in history, went 24 hours without using coal-generated electricity.

It’s obvious that the power of renewable energy is only just being uncovered. Yet, while the achievements signify incredible progress in the industry, how much the proportions will rise in the future is still a much-debated question.

So, what is the big vision for the future of renewable energy in the UK?

Reliable supply is the biggest obstacle

Researchers testing new systems that could run on near-100% renewable power by 2050 are encountering a major issue, the clean energy-based models do not sufficiently account for the reliability of the supply.

Compared to fossil fuels, one of the biggest problems with renewable power is its perceived unreliability: solar power is generated only during the day when the sun is shining and wind turbines turn only when it’s windy, meaning that renewable energy can’t be turned on at demand. Shifting to renewable power requires us to find new, more efficient ways to store surplus energy and distribute it later, such as high-power batteries.

Can renewable energy battery storage be the solution the world needs?

The green revolution has been set back a couple of times already, but renewable power enthusiasts are confident that this time is different because of one major change: batteries.

As battery production is ramping up to meet an expected boom in electric cars, lithium battery prices have already halved since 2014 and continue to fall further. Pairing batteries with solar panels to produce green energy at a large scale will be the next big wave of innovation, but stepping up contributions at an individual level can also go a long way in helping feed this revolution.

At Moixa, we believe that the world is in the midst of an energy revolution and people are looking for smarter and more technologically advanced answers to their energy needs. By giving homeowners the option to start storing clean, home-grown energy using solutions like Moixa’s Smart Battery, we can accelerate the shift towards renewable energy. This doesn’t mean that households will become completely self-sufficient, but rather it will make them significantly more independent and cost-effective, allowing sizeable savings on energy costs and more control to reduce their carbon footprint. This would lead to a new kind of system, in which the battery becomes the primary source of energy and the grid serves as a back-up.

The Moixa Smart Battery combines a Smart Battery with a solar PV system, which allows the battery to charge directly from the solar panels during the day or by using cheap electricity via Economy 7 at night. Our technology drives change in the way energy is consumed and generated, as well as helping customers save up to 50% on their energy bills. And best of all, this green revolution can truly start from the cupboard under your stairs, as it’s designed to fit perfectly in any household.

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