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Go solar: 4 key benefits of solar PV and batteries

By Guste Feb 06, 2018

From a hassle-free way to reduce your energy bills to the least negative impact on the environment, solar PV systems have a range of attractive benefits.

Before we dive into the advantages of solar technology, let’s get the obvious out of the way. What is solar PV?

In a nutshell, solar PV technology captures the sun’s energy and converts it into clean, green electricity. PV solar systems can be used to power all kinds of devices – from small electronics, such as solar garden lights to homes and even large businesses. The best thing about solar panel electricity systems? They can generate electricity even on a cloudy day!

Read on to find out for yourself.

#1 Reduce your energy bill

Wouldn’t that be nice? According to the latest research, average energy costs have increased by 5.3 percent in 2017, with the cost of electricity alone rising by 9 percent. Generating your own electricity would allow you to meet some of your energy needs and immediately lead to lower electricity costs. How much electricity you can generate would depend on the size of your solar system.

What’s more, in cases where you generate more electricity than you need, you could store it in a battery and avoid paying peak prices for electricity in the evening or even sell the surplus back to the grid and earn extra money. The solar energy is free, so once the costs of installing the solar PV panels are covered, you’ll start seeing substantial savings on your energy expenses.

#2 Cut your carbon footprint

A solar and smart solar battery system can help you reduce your carbon footprint by 1.2 tonnes of CO2 per year. As a green, renewable source of energy, solar electricity doesn’t produce any greenhouse gases or release any pollutants. It doesn’t pollute water, and its production doesn’t create any noise. If you’re motivated by the idea to help save the planet, then solar PV systems will empower you to make a direct impact on bettering the environment.

#3 Forget maintenance costs

One of the greatest perks of solar PV panels and solar battery storage systems is that they’re incredibly easy to maintain. Once in place, you never have to worry about them again. If your battery is as smart as the Moixa one, you can easily monitor your system’s performance using a personalised dashboard, which gives you total control of your energy consumption and savings in real time. PV panels rarely break, and if they do, the repairs are typically covered by the manufacturer warranty, which can be up to 10 years.

#4 Store extra energy in a solar battery

When you install a solar battery storage as part of your PV solar system, you can store all the extra electricity you generate throughout the day but don’t use. Electricity costs peak when demand for electricity is high, typically in the late afternoon and evening. Instead of feeding your solar electricity back into the grid, you can store it in your solar battery and power your home when the electricity rates are highest.

Because solar PV generates free electricity, it makes financial sense for every household. And with the added benefit of saving up to 60% on your time-of-use (TOU) electricity rates by storing spare solar power or cheap tariff electricity, solar batteries give any household the return on investment they expect.

Curious how much you could save by generating your own renewable electricity? Use our free estimator and find out!