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International Women’s Day 2022 at Moixa

By Mara Mar 07, 2022

International Women’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate the successes and strides women have achieved in the workplace. During the past few years, we’ve seen progress across the globe in fighting gender disparities and driving towards more inclusion in the workplace, but there’s still a lot to be done.

Moixa is committed to maintaining an inclusive working environment for all genders, where all voices are heard, and everyone is empowered to reach their full potential. We’ve worked with Moixa’s people & senior leadership team to consistently apply positive action in order to embed inclusion into the organisation’s way of doing things.

Our recent partnership with CoachHub, a leading global talent development platform, is an example of this. Through the platform, we’ve offered all women at Moixa the possibility of coaching sessions with their team of certified business coaches. Coaching conversations are designed to provide opportunities for self-development, enabling people to perform to their potential and progress towards their goals.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we’ve gathered a few testimonials from Moixans who decided to take advantage of this opportunity.

​​Sophie, Product Manager

“I’d never thought to look into coaching before, but I’m really glad that Moixa has given me this opportunity. The coach I chose has a background in technology as it was important to me that they understand the challenges of working in a fast-past and male-dominated environment. We hit it off straight away, so I was able to be open and honest with her from our first session.

The biggest change in my mindset has been realising that setting aside time for personal growth is just as important as completing the tasks in your job description. My coach provides exercises and guidance to help me understand how I can reach my career goals, and it feels great to be taking control of my career.”

Simone, Office Manager

The coaching experience has been great! I was so excited to get started, my coach and I clicked straight away.

My coach has helped me with my focus areas, boosting my confidence. She worked with me to identify what I want to change, offering support and guidance that I have found to be incredibly helpful.

Biborka, Test Engineer

After completing my coach matching survey, the platform offered me really great coaches. I selected my coach based on her impressive profile and experience. My coach is Six Sigma black belt certified (Six Sigma is a set of techniques and tools for process improvement) and has excellent leadership and coaching experience.

I like the variety of methods used during the coaching sessions the trusting and safe atmosphere. Coaching has taken me out of my comfort zone to face some of my fears and address some limiting self-beliefs.

My coach doesn’t interrupt my thought process. She helps me see situations and problems from a different viewpoint and gives me homework and exercises to allow me to build new habits. I feel I’m improving and getting closer to my goals.

Chiara, People Manager

“I cycled through a number of coaches’ introductions to find a person that I felt I could relate with, but I had little idea of what to expect.

I soon found out my coach is amazing! A very keen observer who was able to find straight away my strengths (and put them in a perspective I didn’t see before) and put me to work on my weaknesses in a very holistic and compassionate way. I’m buzzing thinking about my next session!”

Mara, Marketing Executive

“My coach is fantastic, with a lot of experience to share. I felt I could be open with her, and It was great to get an outside perspective on certain situations and behavioural patterns I tend to follow.

Throughout our sessions, she gave me tools and techniques I could use to work on specific aspects I feel I can improve on, and I’ve already noticed some changes in the way I behave both in my professional and personal life. Definitely believe these coaching sessions are helpful for my self-development and career progression.”