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How can you support the smart energy revolution?

By Guste Mar 19, 2018

You’ve likely seen the signs: solar panels sunbathing on your neighbour’s roof. Charging stations in carparks. Wind turbines revolving in the distance.

The smart energy revolution is happening. Public support for sustainable energy is increasing, and awareness of climate change is high, which means that smart energy’s time has officially come.

smart energy revolution

This change has been marked by a significant shift in energy use. Last year, renewable sources in the UK generated 3 times more power than coal and the number of homes with solar panels on their roof topped 880,000, which experts expect will hit 10 million by 2020.

This growth trajectory is impressive and should be applauded, but there is still one big hurdle: intermittency. Clean energy production is typically restricted to when the sun is shining, the wind is blowing or the tides are surging, which results in peaks and troughs in energy supply, which either exceed or fail to meet demand. This intermittency means that valuable, clean energy can go to waste while costly, dirty fossil-fuel generators are powered up to meet demand.

Fortunately, an innovative solution is now firmly on the scene to help beat this intermittency for good. Batteries can be used to store surplus clean energy during times of peak production and distribute it when demand is at its highest.

smart energy revolution

For the ever-increasing number of individuals with solar panels on their roof, installing a Smart Home Battery can help to avoid the impact of peaks and troughs in supply altogether. These batteries can enable people to use their self-generated, clean solar power anytime – even during times of peak demand when the sun might not be shining. Ultimately, they can help users get the most out of their solar panels, helping to save up to 50% on their energy bills and further reduce their carbon footprint.

Would you like to support the smart energy revolution, save on your energy bills and increase the amount of clean solar power used by your household? Find out more today.