Solar Battery » Sussex & Lewes: Saving sunshine & supporting the future of energy

Sussex & Lewes: Saving sunshine & supporting the future of energy

By Guste Mar 05, 2020

We are looking for homeowners in the Sussex* area who are interested in owning a Moixa Smart Battery, signing up to GridShare Membership and helping us support the future of energy!

Receive a Moixa Smart Battery discount when you sign up to GridShare Membership!

Moixa are looking for homeowners who either:

  • Have solar energy and are looking for smart energy storage
  • Are interested in installing a full solar & storage package

Homeowners who buy a 4.8kWh** Moixa Smart Battery and sign up to GridShare Membership will benefit from 50% off their Battery purchase. GridShare members will also receive an extended warranty and get £50 a year for three years. For households whose devices are used for grid services (like in this UKPN contract), Moixa measures and reports on the impact it makes to your usual battery behaviour and then provides reimbursement for any saving that have been lost.

Sussex GridShare offer
Limited time offer, only available for the first 20 eligible customers.

Why East and West Sussex?

In 2019, Moixa won a contract with UK Power Networks (UKPN), in one of the country’s first deals to provide energy capacity to a local electricity network from home energy storage in certain Sussex postcodes*. From September 2020, Moixa will deliver 50kW of power capacity to the local power network when it needs it most.

UKPN was the country’s first network operator to commit to a radical ‘Flexibility First’ approach. This change allowed those with distributed small-scale energy generation or storage assets at their home or business to offer energy capacity. By doing this, UKPN saves customers money by replacing the need to make costly network reinforcements.

The batteries will export power in response to demand across UKPN’s region, to help meet consumption during peak periods. They will also use artificial intelligence to optimise the performance of each household’s solar and storage system based on patterns of behaviour, weather conditions and market prices.

Moixa has pioneered smart charging of batteries and EVs with its patented GridShare technology. GridShare is optimised to always act in the economic interests of the consumer by charging the battery from rooftop solar or discharging it to the home or grid at the most cost-effective time.


If you would like to talk to a one of our friendly team members about this offer, call 0161 883 2374 or email 

*To qualify, your postcode must begin with: BN1, BN2, BN6, BN7, BN8, BN9, BN10, BN25, BN26, BN27, RH16, RH17, TN6, TN20, TN21 or TN22

The discount is only valid for eligible postcodes around East and West Sussex. You need all 6/7 digits of your postcode to match our list of qualifying postcodes.

**The usable capacity of the battery is 80% of the stated capacity to conserve and maintain battery health.