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Meet the Team: Alys Turnbull, Field Operations Executive

By Guste Apr 27, 2021

Our Meet the Team blog series highlights the amazing people behind Moixa. A big thank you to Alys, our Field Operations Executive, who sat down with us to talk about Moixa, her role, projects she is currently working on and her personal commitment to the greener future.

Alys Turnbull, Field Operations Executive

Alys has been working for Moixa for over two years and as she says herself – no day has been the same! As a Field Operations Executive Alys is responsible for liaising with internal and external stakeholders to ensure the smooth running of all daily operations, organising all daily shipments of stock and spare parts and commissioning our battery systems.

Prior to joining Moixa, Alys worked in Customer Service and many retail jobs. She has studied Human Geography which has taken her all the way to Australia for an exciting year abroad. 


How did you first hear about Moixa?

I heard about Moixa through a recruiter, who found my CV from Green Jobs.

What made you want to take up this role?

I have always wanted to work in sustainable development and renewable energy.  I thought I would apply for the job as I could utilise the skills I had previously developed in customer service and align these with my own personal interests. 

What elements of our business are you most passionate about?

I would say I am definitely most passionate about the industry. I find renewable energy so interesting and a crucial part of advancing sustainable development.
I am also passionate about the people at Moixa, I think it’s important to create a good company culture and for Moixa to be a company that people love working for.

What are the key skills you need to be successful in your role?

Definitely, a positive, can do attitude and good communication skills are key to working in operations. On a daily basis, you speak with a large number of people, being able to communicate well and with a positive attitude ensures the smooth running of daily tasks. A lot can go wrong when operationalising our products however it is my job to minimise any obstacles. If a problem does arise, it is important to be quick thinking and organised to ensure the impact is minimal.

What defines a successful month for you (and your team) at Moixa?

A successful month for Operations would mean that a large amount of installs and maintenance visits would have been booked or completed. This would increase our revenue allowing us to meet our target. There would be minimal missed deliveries or logistical issues. Finally, a high success rate on commissionings.

Are you currently working on any particularly interesting projects? 

I am currently working on developing an improved installer onboarding process. This includes creating process guides, making sure installers have all the correct equipment and ensuring all processes are followed correctly. 

What has been your highest point or biggest challenge in your role?

My biggest challenge and my big achievement are definitely learning to commission our battery systems. As I don’t particularly have a technical background, learning to read software code and gaining electrical knowledge was very challenging. However, with the help and guidance from my colleagues I am now able to successfully commission our battery systems. This is a skill I never thought I would be able to acquire, however with a lot of patience and perseverance this has definitely been my biggest achievement at Moixa.

Additionally, another high point of mine at Moixa, would be creating the Moixa Running Club. I wanted to create a group which helped people stay connected whilst working from home as well as benefiting everyone’s mental and physical health. The group has now 23 members and we have money incentives which allow us to run and raise money for charity.

What is the most interesting thing you have learnt whilst working at Moixa?

Quite simply learning more about battery technology and how this really benefits our customers.

What steps are you individually making towards a cleaner future? 

I am a vegetarian, therefore reducing my carbon footprint through my food consumption. I recycle large amounts of my waste, have very short showers and I have stopped using aerosols. I also am really trying to reduce how much ‘fast fashion’ I buy, this is still a work in progress however, I have definitely become more conscious. 

If you had a magic wand, what change would you make to the energy industry?

I would increase the amount of funding and education surrounding the industry. Allowing the technology to be more accessible for more people to use.

What motivates you?

Teamwork keeps me really motivated in my position. The support I receive inside and outside of work from my colleagues keeps my moral high.

What is the one thing we should know about you that isn’t on your CV or LinkedIn Profile?

My nickname is Alystopus. As when I get very passionate about a certain subject, I get very animated with my arms and have been linked to an octopus. 

If you weren’t in your current role, what else do you think you would be doing?

If I could retrain as anything, I would love to become a midwife.

What is one great piece of career advice you have been given?

Be yourself and work hard.

What are your top tips for someone who wanted to work at Moixa or in the renewable energy industry?

If you don’t necessarily have a technical background, but want to break into the renewables sector, don’t panic! As long as you are willing to learn, everyone at Moixa is willing to help.

A huge thank you to Alys for taking the time out to discuss her life at Moixa. You can connect with Alys on LinkedIn here.

You can also donate to the Client Earth charity here and support the effort of Moixa’s running club started by Alys.

If you would like to hear more about available roles at Moixa, visit our careers page