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Meet the Team: Ben Fletcher, Associate Director, EV

By Mara Sep 16, 2021

Our Meet the Team blog series highlights the great people behind Moixa. A big thank you to Ben, our Associate Director, EV who sat down with us to talk about Moixa and the exciting projects he is working on, such as e:PROGRESS, an intelligent home EV charging offer for Honda e customers in the UK.

Ben Fletcher, Associate Director, EV

Ben has been working for Moixa for about 1.5 years, successfully leading a team to help customers with EVs get the most out of their vehicles through Moixa’s technology.

Ben has solid experience in the automotive industry, having worked at Renault for nearly 20 years, latterly as Head of EV in the UK. Before joining Moixa, he has also worked for a mobility-based startup.

How did you first hear about Moixa?

My previous jobs involved getting to know the wider renewable industry, and I’d heard great things about Moixa’s intelligent home battery offering that way.

What made you want to take the job?

It might sound cheesy, but it was the people. Moixa’s technology is class-leading, but from the first time I came into the office, I was struck by the passion, purpose, intelligence, and friendliness of everyone I met. It seemed like a great place to work from the start, and the first impression was spot on in this case!

Are you currently working on any particularly interesting projects? What excites you about it?

Since starting working at Moixa, I’ve been working on e:PROGRESS, a joint project with Honda where Moixa’s GridShare technology plays a pivotal role in making it really simple for EV drivers to make the most of their vehicle, with minimal hassle.

I’ve often heard people talking about barriers to EV takeup from range anxiety to concern over whether the energy infrastructure will be able to cope, so it’s fantastic to be working on something that helps overcome these concerns.

What elements of Moixa and our business are you most passionate about?

It’s the difference that our technology can make to end customers. If we take electric vehicles as an example, there’s a tremendous amount of work going on in the wider world to encourage more people to take them up. Still, as with any behaviour change, it’s not always simple for people to get the most out of them. That’s where our technology can help.

Interesting! Can you explain in more detail how Moixa’s technology can support EV adoption?

Let’s take e:PROGRESS as an example. By using Moixa’s GridShare technology, Honda e customers can benefit from the most cost-effective electricity prices whilst also optimising the use of electricity from renewable sources by integrating with the Agile Octopus 100% renewable tariff from Octopus Energy.

Moixa’s GridShare software autonomously selects the most cost-effective times to charge the vehicle based on dynamic price changes of the Agile tariff while making sure that the car is always ready when the customer needs it.

Intelligent EV charging not only allows people greater control over the power in their vehicle but also enables greater access to cheaper, greener energy. In turn, this ensures that drivers can decide when they want their vehicle to be ready by and the system then optimises when the vehicle charges. By simplifying the charging process, we can further encourage EV adoption and accelerate the decarbonisation of the transport sector.

You can read more about e:PROGRESS and our partnership with Honda here.

What has been your highest point/most proud moment since joining Moixa?

My highest point at Moixa has definitely been the official launch of e:PROGRESS earlier this year. The whole team had worked extremely hard on it, so it was great to see all their efforts come to fruition and enable us to start speaking to interested customers.

What is the most interesting/surprising thing you have learnt whilst working at Moixa?

That one of my colleagues used to be a safari guide (Read our latest Meet the Team blog if you want to find out more!).

What steps are you individually making towards a cleaner future?

I am looking at how to convert a classic car to electric power. For me, that would be an ultimately satisfying project. My choice of what to electrify might not be everyone’s first choice, though…

What defines a successful month for you and your team at Moixa?

Happy clients and happy customers, getting Moixa’s technology out into the real world where it can make a difference.

What is the one thing we should know about you that isn’t on your CV or LinkedIn Profile?

I’m a massive fan of British Leyland/Austin Rover cars. It’s probably obvious why that doesn’t feature on my CV!

What is one great piece of career advice you have been given?

My dad told me that interesting products don’t necessarily make an interesting job – although I’m lucky as all my roles have been with exciting products and I’m not bored yet!

A huge thank you to Ben for taking the time out to discuss his life at Moixa. You can connect with Ben on LinkedIn here.

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