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Meet the Team: Oluwafunbi Osuntoki, Research Analyst

By Mara Apr 25, 2022

Our Meet the Team blog series highlights the incredible people behind Moixa. This week we caught up with Oluwafunbi, who was recently promoted from Supply Chain Intern to Research Analyst. We discussed why he decided to join Moixa, his contribution to the Worthing grid services contract, his commitment to a greener future, and more.

Meet the Team: Oluwafunbi Osuntoki, Research Analyst

Funbi initially joined Moixa about a year ago as a Supply Chain Intern before being promoted to Research Analyst, where he has the opportunity to further explore his skill set and gain additional technical and energy experience.

In his role in the Supply Chain team, Funbi focused on managing relationships with suppliers and partners, procuring materials and components for batteries, and managing their recycling process. An important part of his job involved contributing to the smooth delivery of Moixa’s flexibility contracts, such as the grid services contract in Worthing and Littlehampton.

In his new role as Research Analyst, Funbi focuses on supporting a wide range of research and development activities in the business to further Moixa’s products and projects.

Funbi holds a BEng in Mechanical Engineering.

How did you first hear about Moixa?

I first heard about Moixa when looking for more experience to start my professional career. I saw a role on Indeed as Supply Chain Intern, and the rest is history.

What made you want to take the job?

Working for a company so invested in renewable energy and smart technologies is what appealed to me.

One of my final year projects was helping my university team with Solar Decathlon, a competition for university-led teams to build a sustainably focused home. In that project, I had some dealings with Sunamp, a company Moixa had worked with in the past, so it seemed like a sign of sorts.

Are you currently working on any exciting project?

I am currently working on reviewing various standards, such as Matter, understanding how standardisation of communication between different smart home products of different brands could positively impact our industry.

What has been your highest point since joining Moixa?

Getting involved in delivering the grid services contract we had won in the constrained zones of Worthing and Littlehampton. The contract’s goal was to leverage Moixa’s GridShare software to create a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) of smart batteries to support the area’s energy demand and export power in response to pressure on the grid.

I had never worked on anything like that before. Moixa managed to deliver the flexibility targets set for this contract and achieved very positive results. The dispatches were completed with an average overall delivery of over 96%. I felt like I did a good job and helped the project run smoothly, contributing to its successful completion.

Read more about this flexibility contract in our blog — where also some of Moixa’s customers who participated shared their feedback on the experience.

Finding out we had been shortlisted for the Utility Week Collaborative Excellence Award — for our partnership with UK Power Networks — was also a pleasant surprise. It felt like I had actually made a worthwhile contribution.

What steps are you individually making towards a cleaner future?

I am currently trying to convince my father to take part in the government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme, which helps with the decarbonisation of buildings, as he is renovating the family home. While I won’t be there, I think it’s an easy way to help while adding value to the house.

I also invest with Clim8 Invest, which is a sustainability-focused investing app. That way, my money is helping fund companies and tech that will create a cleaner future rather than wasting away in my bank account.

What is the one thing we should know about you that isn’t on your CV or LinkedIn Profile?

I run around pretty much every Saturday and injure myself playing rugby. I’m constantly sore, and my family questions my sanity, but it’s something I genuinely love doing.

I also have a slight addiction to buying trainers. I wear them all, but some only see the light of day once every year. It’s getting better, but I already have my eyes on about five pairs for next payday.

What is one great piece of career advice you have been given?

Apply for roles that genuinely interest you. Not exactly a unique piece of advice, but it was important for me. After finishing university, I applied for positions that did not necessarily interest me because I felt pressured to find a job. I felt like this probably came off in the interviews as well.

If you are genuinely interested in a company or job, it’s easier to answer questions in an interview and show that you are passionate about the company’s mission.

What are your top tips for someone who wants to work at Moixa or in the renewable energy industry?

Be passionate! This is an industry where most, if not all people, genuinely care about a clean future. But also, don’t be afraid to be yourself.

A huge thank you to Funbi for taking the time to discuss his life at Moixa. You can connect with Funbi on LinkedIn here.

If you would like to hear more about available roles at Moixa, visit our careers page or get in touch directly with our Talent Acquisition Manager Gail Solomon.