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Questions to ask your Smart Battery installer

By Guste Mar 28, 2018

Solar batteries can prove to be extremely beneficial for homeowners who have solar panels installed on their roof. Any excess energy your panels produce can be stored inside a battery to be used later. This allows financially savvy property owners to tap into free, renewable energy any time of day or night, and especially when the electricity tariff is higher.

However, despite their straightforward, immediate value, solar batteries still come with many unanswered questions. Where should you store it? How long does it last? How long does the installation take? So, to give you a total peace of mind, we’re sharing the five must-ask questions for your battery installer. Find your answers and stop worrying.

Where will the battery fit in my home? 

When making enquiries about solar batteries, make sure you ask about their size. A smaller battery can fit pretty much anywhere around the house as long as it’s placed within 10m of the consumer unit. However, most of our customers prefer to stick it in the cupboard under the stairs, the utility room or garage. With each unit measuring 50cm x 30cm x 20cm and weighing only 30 kg, it can easily be mounted on a wall without any additional support needed.

What else should I know about the battery?

Selecting an appropriately sized battery is probably the most important factor to consider. The right size will guarantee that you are able to enjoy the benefits of the battery by finding the perfect and most cost-effective balance between storing renewable energy and charging the battery. As the UK’s leading residential battery storage company, we have learnt from our research that the biggest battery isn’t always the best choice.

In the UK, most residential solar installs will be restricted to 3.68kWp, and since we don’t enjoy the highest irradiation levels all year round, it would be impossible to fill up an oversized battery, except in July and August (maybe). That’s why we designed the Moixa Smart battery with the average UK consumer in mind. We believe that a reasonably priced smaller battery, such as our 2-3kWh battery, will be effective all year round, giving you the best return on your investment.

How long will the install take?

If you’re worried about having your house taken over by a team of installers in white overalls for god-knows-how-long, breathe in and out! Our compact and lightweight battery can be installed in under 2 hours. For more complex installs, where extra wiring or wall supports may be needed, the installation can take a little longer. Always consult about the installation time before arranging the visit to make sure it meets your expectations.

Milk and sugar?

A good cuppa can go a long way, so we recommend offering a hot beverage to your installer to keep them well-sugared. All jokes aside, we work exclusively with local installers to provide the fastest and most reliable service possible, which also means you may see that friendly face around your neighbourhood.

How do I register the battery for GridShare?

If you decide to get the Moixa smart battery, registering it for GridShare is the next natural step. GridShare is a customer scheme designed to give every qualifying Moixa battery customer cash back, in return for Moixa intelligently managing their batteries. Using the “smart brain” built into every Moixa Battery, our GridShare helps to balance the energy demands of the National Grid, whilst letting all participants cash in on the system. It’s a win-win for everyone.

The only thing you will need to do to join the Moixa GridShare is check your inbox. Once the battery is installed, we’ll send you an email asking for your battery’s ID. We will register the ID in the system for you and then you’re all sorted!

What guarantees do I get?

At Moixa, we’re committed to building products that exceed every kind of expectation. With our battery, you will get a 10-year warranty as a standard. And if you decide to sign up to our GridShare scheme, the warranty is extendable for as long as you remain a member. Once the standard period of warranty runs out, the battery becomes our responsibility, which means that we will monitor and maintain the system for as long as you are a member of our GridShare community. More answers to your questions can be find our frequently asked questions here.

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