The new and improved Moixa Dashboard and App, coming to your device soon

By Mara Aug 10, 2020


At Moixa, we are always looking at ways to improve our customers’ experience. After hearing that people would like to see more of their energy information, in a greater variety of ways, we’ve given the Moixa Dashboard and app a makeover!

Over the next couple of weeks, this update will be rolled out to all Moixa solar battery customers. So you will be able to dive into as much, or as little, energy data as you like, whilst at home or on the go. We’ll notify each customer via email when the update is available for their device.

To help you understand the graphs and information included on both the Dashboard and app, we’ve also updated the information bubbles, so you discover more about the information you are looking at. You can find the bubbles by clicking the blue question marks in a circle, to the right of each module.

The Moixa DashboardMoixa app

The Moixa Dashboard is the web view of your solar, battery and home energy data which you can access through on your chosen web browser. It gives you access to additional information about your home energy data along with detailed analytics about your battery usage, energy consumption and solar generation. To access the updated Moixa Dashboard, visit

The key changes on the Moixa Dashboard

The Moixa Dashboard is designed to be viewed on a desktop or laptop screen and so we are able to show more detailed data about your household. This has changed the look of the Dashboard, but it will allow you to discover more about your energy usage if you are interested in knowing more. For those who are happy to with a basic overview of energy information, you should be able to find it on the Highlights page, or you could take a look at the Moixa app.

What’s New on the Dashboard?

  • A new dynamic design to show how power is flowing through your home
  • Your cumulative energy usage split into your battery, solar, household consumption and the grid, located on the Highlights page
  • Analytics detailing your average usage alongside comparisons to previous time periods
  • A detailed view of your household consumption, battery usage, grid usage, and solar generation.
  • A breakdown of power and energy usage data going back three months.
  • Zoom functionality: All the power and battery performance graphs now allow you to zoom in for a more detailed view

The Moixa App

The Moixa app gives you access to your energy data on the go. Available on both the Apple and the Google Play Store, the app gives a more concise view than the Dashboard. If you currently have the Moixa app installed, it is important to update it when you are prompted. Otherwise, you may end up with incorrect data and functionality.

The key changes in the appMoixa app on phones

The app is designed for a smartphone and so it now shows the information you need at a glance. You always have the option of more information by selecting to view more on the app, or on the Moixa Dashboard.

What’s New on the Moixa app?

  • The Highlights page quickly shows you your solar generation, your household consumption, grid and battery usage. Additionally, it shows you how much energy your battery currently has stored and if it is currently charging or discharging
  • A new dynamic way of seeing how power flows through your home. You can quickly see your solar generation, battery and grid usage along with your households’ consumption

To update your Moixa app:

  • When prompted, download the update from the Apple Store or the Google Play store
  • Log in with your existing app or Dashboard credentials
  • The new app should be visible with your device data

Not currently got the Moixa app? Follow these steps to download it:

  • First, visit the Google Play Store or the Apple Store
  • Search for Moixa
  • Download the Moixa app
  • Log in with your existing Moixa Dashboard credentials

If you are having trouble with your log-in, or with updating the app, contact our support team on

Please remember: Updates are being released over the upcoming weeks. They may not yet be available for your device, but soon will be.

Both the Moixa Dashboard and app have had some updates that may look or work differently. Here are a couple of things to look out for:

Date Selection

When you select specific dates for viewing your past usage, these dates will remain as you switch through Dashboard pages. You can always select a different date on the date selectors at the top of the page.

Negative Sign Conventions

In order to update power graphs, we have added negative signs to help show where energy is being consumed rather than generated.

For example, sources of power are shown as ‘positive kW’ e.g 0.14kW, such as power from the grid or from your solar panels. Any power that is being consumed will show as – 0.14kW, such as by your home device or when charging your battery.

This will allow you to easily see, for instance, how much of your solar generation is being exported to the grid or how much of your household consumption is being met by grid power, as these two data sets will be shown opposite each other on the graph.

We hope that you enjoy the new and improved Moixa Dashboard and app but if you have any issues connecting to the Dashboard or app, please reach out to our support team on