When your Moixa battery system comes to the end of life, we’ll recycle it for you, for free!

By Mara Jun 25, 2020

At Moixa, we are committed to developing products to help the world live in a future powered by renewable energy and we aim to develop and deliver products and services that are as sustainable as possible.

This commitment includes ensuring that we do the right thing when a solar battery, purchased from Moixa, comes to the end of its life and needs to be removed from one of our customers’ homes.

Fulfilling our obligationsMoixa Smart Battery in a home

As a producer of industrial batteries, we have both a legal and moral obligation to help customers to recycle their solar batteries. Under the Waste Batteries and Accumulators Regulation and the WEEE regulation, we are obliged to take back, free of charge, battery products sold by Moixa to consumers, for treatment and recycling. We will do this in any calendar year we place new industrial batteries on the market. You can read the terms in full here. Batteries should only be removed by a qualified electrician and when you contact us for battery removal, we will send a Moixa Accredited Installer to remove your battery safely.

Our batteries use Lithium-ion cells and it is important that these are disposed of appropriately. Lithium-ion batteries contain metals and other materials that can be recovered, processed and re-used so that we can build a more sustainable economy and reduce the mining of these materials. Moixa is happy to arrange the removal of our customer’s solar battery systems when they have reached the end of their life. We will send your battery to an approved treatment operator/exporter and other waste electrical-electronic components to an approved WEEE treatment facility where they will recycle as much of the product as possible.

Please note: As part of the Moixa Battery Recycling Scheme we will only be de-installing and removing your battery system. We will not be doing any decoration or making good to the area where the battery system was previously located.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team at support@moixa.com or call them on 0207 734 1511. We will be happy to assist you.