Let’s Turn Black Friday…Green

£500 discount on Solar Panels and a Smart Battery until Dec 9th

By Guste Nov 06, 2020


At Moixa, we believe that Black Friday needs fixing, which is why we’re pleased to announce the return of our campaign to help turn Black Friday…Green.

Last year we launched our ‘Let’s Turn Black Friday Green’ initiative because Black Friday and its lure of heavily discounted, one-day-only shopping offers just didn’t feel right to us at Moixa. As a sustainably-minded business, we want to encourage households to say no to the shopping frenzy of Black Friday and instead, spend their money on a more mindful purchase for their home and the environment

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that this year we will once again return with an offer to help turn Black Friday green. We’ll be offering a £500 discount on our Solar Panel and Solar Battery bundles to help encourage households to make a long-term sustainable purchase over this Black Green Friday shopping period. A purchase that will make a long term impact on carbon footprints and help build a better, greener future for generations to come.

Together, let’s turn Black Friday green!
This season, make a pledge to invest in products that will make a positive impact on the world.

£500 Off, Turn Black Friday Green Offer. Click here to request a quote

Our Black Green Friday £500 discount

From November 9th until December 9th we will be offering a £500 discount on a Solar Panel and Battery bundle. If you already have solar panels and are only in need of a solar battery, then we have a £500 discount on our 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery.

Our 7.2kWh and 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery Systems are currently still on trial with early bird pricing. If you do require a larger capacity battery than our 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery, talk to our team of Solar Storage Specialist’s and they can give you more details about our trial.
Early bird pricing of the 7.2kWh and 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery Systems will end on Friday, January 8th

We hope that with our Black Green Friday £500 discount, more people will be able to make a purchase with a long-term positive impact that will help families generate their own solar electricity, reduce their dependence on the grid, lower their carbon footprint and support a future powered by renewables. 

Why buy solar panels alongside a battery?

Solar panels generate electricity throughout the day and are one of the cleanest and most accessible ways to generate renewable energy to power your own household. Unfortunately, without a battery, if you generate more energy than your household requires at that moment, then that excess energy would be sent back to the grid. However, with a solar battery from Moixa, you can store the energy you generate during the day to give you access to clean, low-cost energy at night. Installing a battery system alongside solar panels is a great way to maximise your solar panel investment and increase your consumption of self-generated solar energy. 

What is a ‘smart’ or ‘optimised’ solar battery?

Both our 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery and our larger trial 7.2kWh and 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Batteries come with a Moixa Hub (either inbuilt or separate) which is embedded with our GridShare Software. The Moixa Hub enables your battery to be optimised for both solar energy and a time-of-use tariff, so you can power your home from the cheapest and cleanest energy available. 

If you live in a household with predictable energy consumption patterns and a time-of-use tariff, we can also set an automatic personalised charging plan for your battery. The Moixa Hub will identify your home’s energy generation and consumption patterns, look at weather forecasts and your time-of-use tariff. Then, based on that data, it will generate a prediction** of how much energy you’ll need throughout the day and set a battery charging plan to meet your needs.

Moixa Battery owners also get access to the Moixa Dashboard and App which puts your home energy generation and usage data at your fingertips. You can see how much your battery is charged, how energy has been used in the past and how much energy your solar panels are generating, amongst other features.

Supporting the future of renewable energy with GridShare Membership

Our batteries additionally give our customers the opportunity to support the grid and help us transition to a smarter, cleaner UK energy network. When battery owners sign up to GridShare Membership it allows Moixa to group their battery with others to create a Virtual Power Plant. This enables Moixa to support the UK energy network by sharing the energy stored in your solar battery, or by utilising the available spare capacity in your battery. At times when the grid is under pressure, for example, when there is a high or low demand for energy, Moixa would be able to use batteries covered by GridShare Membership for Grid or Flexibility Services. Battery owners who are part of GridShare Membership receive £50 a year for the three-year term of the contract. For households whose batteries are actively used for grid services, Moixa will measure and report on the impact it makes to your usual battery behaviour and then provides reimbursement for any savings that have been lost.

You can find out more about GridShare Membership and how batteries can be used to support the grid here.

Leave your details on our Request a Quote page if you are interested in learning more about our Solar Panel and Battery Packages. Alternatively, you can reach out to our team directly on 0161 883 2374 or on enquiries@moixa.com.

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Disclaimer: This Black Green Friday £500 discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount. There is only one discount per household. There is no available discount on a battery only (retrofit) purchase of the 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery System as this is still a trial product with early bird pricing.

**It is important to note that because personalised charging plans are generated based on household electricity consumption, and solar generation based on weather forecasts – when there are unexpected differences between predictions and reality, you may see less benefit on a given day. However, the battery will always look to cover your household with the lowest-cost and cleanest energy available. In the long run, a personalised charging plan should save you money when compared to a static charging plan.