7.2kWh, 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery Systems

Our trial and early bird pricing will end in 2021

By Guste Nov 13, 2020


This blog has was updated on 11th February 2021 to extend the early bird pricing deadline from February 19th to April 30th because of a short pause to sales due to product re-certification. All the dates in this article have now been updated.

In January 2020 we launched a trial of two larger capacity battery systems, a 7.2kWh and a 9.6kWh model. Originally, this trial was only meant to run for a short time but as the pandemic and lockdown conditions impacted our ability to install and continue trialling new systems, we decided to extend it. After a review of our progress, we are pleased to announce that we will be launching our 7.2kWh and 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery Systems as part of our core product range in May 2021. The one change that you will notice as the products move out of the trial period will be the price. Friday, April 30th 2021 will be your last day to receive a quote for a 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery System at the early bird offering.

Until April 30th 2021, the early bird prices will be:

7.2kWh Moixa Optimised Battery System = £4,950
9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery System = £5,950

As of May 1st 2021, the new prices will be:

7.2kWh Moixa Optimised Battery System = £5,250
9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery System = £6,250 

All these prices include VAT and standard installation. All quotes are valid for 30 days, therefore if you receive a quote on April 30th, our offer of early bird pricing will be valid for a further 30 days.

If you would like to purchase one of these systems at our early bird price, please submit your details on our website here. Or, contact our friendly team of Solar Storage Specialists on 0161 883 2374 or email enquiries@moixa.com.

Moixa Optimised Batteries: Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I add energy storage to a solar PV system?

Solar panels generate energy during the day, but if you don’t use it as it is generated, you lose it. Often for solar panel owners, a large amount of the clean, renewable energy they generate is sent back to the grid. They then have to buy back this energy when they need more electricity. The amount that most solar panel owners receive for the energy they export (to the grid), is a lot less than they pay for the imported energy they buy back.

When adding energy storage to your solar PV system, you can store the energy throughout the day, so you can access clean, free energy at night. With smart energy storage, the value of that energy is maximised by taking into consideration your household habits and time-of-use tariff.

What’s the difference between a Moixa Smart Battery and a Moixa Optimised Battery System?

The 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery has been our flagship product for the last couple of years. However, after receiving several requests for larger sized systems along with an increase in time-of-use tariff popularity, we decided to explore how we could answer this need.

  • 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery

The 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery allows solar panel owners to store excess solar energy in a battery so that their home can be powered from self-generated solar energy when needed. It comes with an in-built Moixa Hub which acts as a gateway to our GridShare Software and gives the batteries their ‘smarts’. The components of the 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery are all built into a stylish case and the full product is covered with a 10-year warranty from Moixa.

  • 7.2kWh, 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery Systems

The Moixa Optimised Battery Systems consist of the same components as the 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery including the Moixa Hub. However, these are not in one case and are instead installed as individual items. The Pylontech battery modules are placed in a floor-mounted cabinet and the other core components (inverter, Moixa Hub) are wall-mounted. The functionality of the 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Batteries is no different to the 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery but as the components are installed separately the warranties are covered by the various manufacturers with:

  • Moixa Hub: 10-year manufacturer’s warranty from Moixa (extendable through GridShare Membership)
  • Pylontech Battery: 10-year manufacturer’s warranty from Pylontech
  • Victron Inverter: 10-year manufacturer’s warranty from Victron

Our systems come with a 2-year installation warranty and can either be retrofitted onto an existing solar installation or alongside a new solar installation.

To find out more you can also take a look at our latest Battery Information Sheet.

Why did you need to trial this system?

Before launching any product at Moixa we trial it with customers and team members. We were confident that the Moixa Optimised Battery Systems would work as intended as they are essentially a similar set-up to our 4.8kWh Moixa Smart Battery. However, we needed to ensure that we had the operational elements in place to support a larger scale system in the field. Through this trial, we have been able to test how we install these larger capacity batteries and how our software adapts to larger capacities. We have developed our best practices and are happy to fully launch this product on May 1st.

Will the battery work in a power cut?

Our batteries do not currently work in a power cut, however, there is a ‘Back-Up’ trial currently underway to explore this. You can read more about it on our blog here, or feel free to reach out to a member of our team to learn more.

How do I choose the right sized battery for me?

People often assume that the bigger, the better. However, choosing the right-sized battery for your home and lifestyle is the most important factor to consider when purchasing energy storage. The size of the battery you need depends on; how much energy you are generating, how much of that you consume and how much energy you use in your home overall.

Our team of Solar Storage Specialists are on hand to help you choose the right-sized battery. They look at your expected solar generation, along with your energy profile, to advise you on the most beneficial battery.

If you have any further questions about our 7.2kWh or 9.6kWh Moixa Optimised Battery systems please feel free to contact our friendly team on 0161 883 2374 or by emailing enquiries@moixa.com.