Most common questions about your Moixa optimised battery & our new Contact Support form

By Mara May 11, 2022

At Moixa, we’re committed to offering the best experience to our customers throughout their decarbonisation journey. That’s why we have created a Help Centre section on our website, where you will find all information you need about our product range, performance and troubleshooting.

We have also recently launched an escalation support form to make it easy for you to contact our dedicated support team if you are unable to resolve your query from the Help Centre.

In this blog, we thought of gathering some of the most common questions about our products that are applicable to most Moixa battery owners.

Why does my battery never fully discharge to 0%?

The minimum state of charge of the battery is limited to maintain the battery’s health and lifespan. The usable capacity of our 2 & 3 kWh models is set at 80%; this means that your battery should not fall below 20% charge.

For our larger capacity systems, the usable capacity can be increased by up to 85%, meaning the lowest expected level of charge would be 15%. If the level of charge drops too low under the reserve level, the system should automatically correct itself with a very short charge up from the grid.

If your battery ever displays 0% charge, please contact our customer support team so they can investigate and advise further.

Why is my battery not charging?

As standard, your Moixa optimised battery only charges when there is surplus energy available from your PV panels. When your household consumption is higher than your PV generation, all the solar power will be used in the home, leaving none spare to charge your battery.

If you are on a time-of-use tariff and your battery is set in Smart mode, our GridShare software will combine your tariff with solar generation and consumption predictions to create an optimal charging plan for your battery, using the greatest amount of clean solar and low-cost grid energy available.

You can find out more about time-of-use tariffs and our Operation Modes here.

How do I turn off or restart my battery?

Once your Moixa optimised battery has been commissioned, it is designed to operate continuously. However, the support team may direct you to turn off or restart the battery as part of any troubleshooting if a fault occurs.

For specific details on the correct process, please consult the troubleshooting page for your specific model: V3, V3C, Moixa Smart Battery (4.8kWh), Moixa Optimised Battery Systems (7.2kWh and 9.6kWh).

I have recently changed internet providers. How do I reconnect my battery?

Your Moixa optimised battery should be connected to your internet router using one of three methods:
– A direct Ethernet cable between the battery and your router.
– A pair of power line adapters (TP Links) plugged in beside both the battery and router
– WiFi

If you have changed your router, you should be able to reconnect the battery using the same method. Please note that you may need to restart the battery to recognise the new connection.

If your connection is through TP Links, these may need to be repaired again after changing your router.

If you are not familiar with which connection type your battery uses or are experiencing any connectivity issues, please consult the specific page for your battery model for more details: V3, V3C, Moixa Smart Battery (4.8kWh), Moixa Optimised Battery Systems (7.2kWh and 9.6kWh).

What if I can’t find the answer to my question in the Help Centre?

Are you experiencing an issue with your battery, and you can’t find the answer you need?

We’ve recently launched a new Contact Support form on our Help Centre to make it as easy as possible for you to share any issues with your battery with our dedicated support team.

If you haven’t found a solution to your enquiry after reading our Help Centre section, please fill out the form and let us know how we can help you. Our customer support team will be notified and will be in touch with you promptly to resolve the issue.