Refer a Friend & do your bit for our planet this year!

Take part in our Refer a Friend Program and get £200 reward

By Mara Jan 12, 2022

If you could save money while helping the planet, would you? As the cost of electricity rises, many people are eager to learn about what it takes to install a solar PV system in their homes. However, many homeowners are often unaware that they can unlock the full potential of solar by pairing it up with a solar battery system, powering their home with clean, self generated energy.

At Moixa, we are committed to supporting the move away from fossil fuels and helping you and your family & friends reduce your carbon footprint while saving on your energy bills. This is why we have set up a referral scheme, a simple way to refer a friend and spread the word, helping your friends, colleagues & neighbours to increase their renewable energy usage while supporting the growth of the sustainable energy community in the UK.

How does Moixa’s Refer a Friend Program work?

When you refer your family & friends for our Moixa optimised batteries and solar and battery bundles, we’ll give them a great discount, and once the installation is complete, you will also receive a £200 reward.

Your referred friends will simply have to mention your name during the initial call they have with one of our Solar Storage Specialists, and they will automatically qualify for a £200 discount on their install.

How do you qualify for a referrer reward?

You would qualify for the reward only if your friend buys either a Moixa optimised battery and solar & battery bundle, a Moixa Smart Battery (4.8kWh) or a Moixa Optimised Battery System (7.2kWh or 9.6kWh) on its own. The purchase has to be made within one month of the initial conversation with one of our Solar Storage Specialists.

What will your referred friend get?

Once referred friends mention the name of a friend who referred them (during the initial call), they automatically qualify for £200 off their install (this will be detailed in their quote). The Refer a Friend discount/reward might be used in conjunction with other offers under our discretion.

What will you get?

After your friend is fully installed, you will receive a £200 reward for your referral. Once your friend’s battery has been installed, we will send you an email confirmation and ask about the preferred option to receive the money (via Paypal or cheque).

Can you refer more than one person?

There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, so spread the word! You’ll receive a £200 reward for every person who has a Moixa optimised battery, or a solar bundle installed.

The best way to start a new year!

Start 2022 fresh and make this year a year for our planet!

Powering your home with solar energy and combining your solar panels with battery storage enables you to reduce your home’s impact on the environment while having greater control over your energy consumption and saving on your electricity bills. Start spreading the good news to your community! Together we can transform our relationship with the planet and begin the journey to building a future powered by renewable energy.