The Moixa Team at Fully Charged OUTSIDE

By Mara Sep 09, 2021

The Moixa Team at Fully Charged OUTSIDE

The UK has committed to reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and renewable energy sources combined with smart technologies will play a significant part in supporting the country’s efforts to reducing emissions and fighting climate change.

Last weekend, the Moixa Team attended Fully Charged OUTSIDE, the world’s largest EV and renewable energy event at Farnborough International. We had the opportunity to showcase our range of Moixa Optimised Battery Systems, our GridShare software and electric vehicle (EV) smart-charging functionality.

A growing interest in the latest in electric vehicles and clean energy

The team loved every minute of Fully Charged OUTSIDE – it was fantastic to be part of such an important event showcasing the latest trends in clean energy alongside several cutting-edge industries specialised in green technology.
We were thrilled to see firsthand the commitment people make to our shared ambition to reach net zero, and we were impressed with how engaged the Fully Charged OUTSIDE’s audience was.

We had a great turnout at our Moixa stand, and we were able to discuss the importance of home energy storage in the transition to a future powered by renewables.
Our GridShare software and its optimisation with time-of-use tariffs were especially hot topics on our stand, with smart technology enthusiasts asking challenging questions of both our products and our business as a whole.

We also had the opportunity to meet a few of our existing customers. They shared their feedback on our Optimised Battery Systems and the Moixa Dashboard and App, which help them better understand their battery’s behaviour. Through our Dashboard and App, customers can track their battery status, performance, and charging behaviour, as well as the predicted solar and household consumption for the next day.

Teaming up with Alfen for a smart charging trial

The Fully Charged OUTSIDE’s audience also had the opportunity to participate in the “Alfen Trial” when purchasing a Moixa Optimised Battery System. This innovative trial is aimed at increasing our knowledge around how to optimise EV charging for homes with both solar PV and time-of-use tariffs.

Through Moixa’s GridShare software, personalised plans will be sent to each Alfen Charger to adjust the car charging behaviour. This ensures that EVs are charged primarily through self-generated solar energy or from the grid at cheaper rates. GridShare considers household energy consumption patterns, predicted solar generation and the homes energy tariff; to create a personalised charging plan that works best for the EV owner.

The trial will also allow us to improve our understanding of the impact that smart charging can have on the grid. By developing smart charging capabilities, we will be able to better support the future of renewable energy and can create a more robust grid and energy network.

We have spaces available for the trial*, and for those who choose to participate in this, we are offering an Alfen charger at the reduced price of £450 incl. VAT and installation.
If you are interested in taking part in this trial, please contact our friendly team of Solar Storage Specialists today to guarantee your place.

*The trial is due to run from November 2021 until mid-2022.