Things to know when considering battery safety

By Mara May 18, 2022

One of the best ways to take full advantage of solar energy is to install an energy storage system (such as a home solar battery) along with your solar panels. Among the things you might consider when purchasing home solar batteries, you probably want to understand the safety implications of installing them in your home.

In general, solar batteries are very safe. While there is no doubt that the number of battery fires has increased in recent years, this is mainly down to the fact that many more batteries have been installed. With a proper installation by a certified installer and a reputable product, batteries rarely pose any health or safety risk to homeowners.

At Moixa, we are proud of our technology and service and aim to support our customers to get the best from their batteries while ensuring they are safe. That’s why we’ve gathered some of the most common questions about the safety of our batteries.

Are our storage systems safe for your home?

Yes! We have designed and developed our systems to be safe. Our battery technology is based on LFP chemistry (also known as Lithium Iron Phosphate), which is among the safest solutions available in the market for residential battery applications.

Please visit the Safety and Compliance page on our website to learn more.

What should you do & avoid doing after installing a battery in your home?

Our optimised batteries must not be exposed to extreme temperatures, such as direct heat, flame or cold. You should also avoid covering it as this could cause it to overheat or stop working.

100mm of free space is required for proper ventilation to the left, right, top and front sides of the Victron inverter which is inside the battery. Our Moixa Accredited Installer will ensure that your battery is installed appropriately.

After your battery has been installed, you must inform our customer support team of any significant electrical work you are planning, such as any changes to your consumer unit (fuse box). This is required as it may impact your Moixa optimised battery’s performance.

You must also keep children and animals away from the battery.

Please refer to your battery’s User Manual on the support page for additional information.

What if you notice anything unusual about your battery?

In case of an emergency — for example, if your battery becomes damaged or wet — you can turn the system off as a safety precaution by following the outlined process on the specific product page:

After turning off your battery, please contact our customer support team by filling out this escalation support form.

Please also use this form as soon as possible if you have noticed anything unusual about your battery performance or behaviour.

What should you do in case of a house fire?

In the case of a house fire or a fire where your battery is located, do not try to extinguish it yourself. Evacuate the property, call the fire brigade and inform them that you have a Moixa optimised battery which contains Lithium Ion components. Once the fire is extinguished please contact Moixa Support via email at or call us on 02077 341 511.