What are the benefits of solar energy for the home?

By Mara May 10, 2020


A growing number of UK homeowners are enjoying the advantages of solar-powered homes. Solar energy for the home brings a range of economic and environmental benefits, especially when utilised with a solar battery alongside your solar panels.

At Moixa, our team is happy to help guide you through the process of purchasing a solar panel and battery system. Whether you have existing solar panels and are looking to add a solar battery, or are looking into solar panels for the first time, we’re happy to help. The addition of solar energy for the home is an ideal way to tackle your carbon footprint whilst making savings on your annual energy bills.

What are the key benefits of installing solar energy?

Research shows that solar panels are one of the cleanest ways to generate energy to power your home. They also offer savings on your energy bills for years after installation. The panels are installed on your property, usually on the roof, and they absorb direct sunlight and utilise PV cells in the panels to convert it into electricity. 

To maximise the value of your solar panels, Moixa can provide a solar battery system, enabling you to power your home from solar energy into the night, as well as directly from the sun during the day.

What is a home solar battery system?

A solar battery system is added to homes with solar panels so that you can store the excess solar generation that you didn’t use in your home at the moment of generation. By adding a solar battery, you can avoid sending your solar generation to the Grid and instead store it to power your home when you need it most.  In short, it extends the benefit of solar energy for the home, ensuring your home is powered by as much solar energy as possible. 

“The excess solar energy that your home doesn’t need, instead of being sent to the grid, can now be stored in your battery and used to power your home at a later time, when you need it.” 

This means you avoid buying as much energy from the grid, at a higher price rate than you received for the electricity you sent to it, adding further benefit to the energy potential of having solar panels on your roof.

This is particularly key in winter, when fewer daylight hours mean many homeowners are not at home during the majority of the time their solar panels are generating solar energy. In addition to a solar battery enabling you to make use of your solar energy exactly when you need it, the Moixa Dashboard and app lets you see a breakdown of your energy usage, gaining insight on how you power your home at different times of the day.

How do I select the right solar battery system?

Once you have an understanding of how the process works, the next essential step is in understanding how to select the right system for your home. By installing solar panels and solar battery storage together, homes go a long way to making the most of the solar energy they generate, but selecting the right system in terms of battery capacity and the number of solar panels is an important task.

You can select from a variety of solar panel system sizes to determine the amount of energy to be generated and stored. We can guide on the ideal system for your type of home, looking at your current energy usage and calculating what package you need to meet your energy needs at the most effective rate. With this in mind, one of our experts here at Moixa will give you a detailed overview.

What are the benefits of solar energy with Moixa?

There are many advantages to making the most of our home solar energy solutions. Some of the main benefits homeowners will get from Moixa’s solar panel and battery packages include:

  • Savings of up to 50% on your existing energy bills*
  • Reducing your carbon footprint
  • Solar panel ‘power output’ warranty of 25 years
  • 10-year warranty for battery and components. 2-year installation warranty
  • The ability for your battery to charge overnight on cheap energy rates

Additionally, every Moixa battery owner can take part in GridShare Membership. This is Moixa’s way of supporting a renewable-energy powered future by essentially adding your battery to a network of other members’ batteries, to create a ‘Virtual Power Plant’. With GridShare Membership, Moixa can help balance the grid using the spare capacity in solar batteries and help the UK achieve a low-carbon future. Any household who signs up to GridShare Membership will receive a £50 annual payment for the three-year term.

While the Feed-in Tariff may have now closed to new customers, there is a new Government initiative, the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG), which came into effect in January 2020. This allows homeowners to send solar energy to the Grid for a level of financial reward, with the exact amounts varying based on how much solar energy you export and what energy company you choose.

Moving forward with a home solar energy and battery purchase

In recent years, we have completed the installation of more than 1,000 Moixa Smart Batteries and many solar panels in homes across the UK. We hope this summary on the benefits of solar energy has been helpful, we would be delighted to answer any more questions in detail to assist you as you make a decision.

If you want to discuss anything further, please contact our knowledgeable team of solar experts here at Moixa. You can call us on 0161 883 2374 or email us at enquiries@moixa.com.