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Find general information applicable to most optimised battery owners

Setting up your account for Dashboard and App access

To monitor your battery system’s performance you will need to set up a personal Moixa account. After your battery has...

Our Support Policy

We are proud of our technology and aim to support our customers to get the best from their batteries. Therefore,...

Our Complaints Policy

How to Complain We’re sorry to hear if you’re unhappy and we’d like to help resolve any issues as soon...

Safety Instructions

First Aid The Moixa Smart Battery should not be tampered with, however if for some reason you are exposed to...

General FAQs

Why does my battery never fully discharge to 0%? The minimum state of charge of the battery is limited to...

Key Documents

Agreements, Warranties and Policies Moixa User Agreement for direct customers opting in for upgrades Valid for installations from May 2023...

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