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Connection Types


If you have an ethernet cable running between your battery and router and are experiencing issues with connectivity.please try the following steps in order.

  1. Check the ethernet cable is firmly connected at both ends.
  2. Restart your internet router and confirm it is able to reconnected to the internet.
  3. Conduct a restart of the battery by turning it off with the round isolator switch, wait 30 seconds, then turn the battery back on.

Once all three steps have been tried, if there is still no live data showing on your dashboard, please contact your support team to advise further.

You will have two devices, one plugged in next to your battery and connected to the battery via an ethernet cable, the other should be nearby to your router and connected to your router via an ethernet cable.

When the two devices are paired together and communicating, they should both show 3 light.

  • The top light shows if there is power running to the TP Link.
  • The middle light will show if the TP Link is successfully paired with another device, this light will flash when data is being transferred.
  • The bottom light will show if the Ethernet cable is fully connected in the bottom of the device.

If the middle light on both devices is dark, you will need to pair them together again, follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Pair button of adapter A for one second, the Power LED will start flashing (this is the top light).
  2. Press the Pair button of adapter B for one second, the Power LED will start flashing (this must be done within 2 minutes after pressing the pair button of powerline adapter A).
  3. Wait until the Power LED on both adapters stops flashing and the Powerline LED (middle light) becomes solid on, the pairing is then completed.

Notes: It doesn’t matter in what order you press the pair buttons, therefore it doesn’t matter if you don’t know which is adapter A/B.

If the adapters are far away from each other, and you don’t think you will be able to press the pair button on each within 2 minutes, you can move the adapter that is plugged in near the battery and plug it into a power socket nearer to the other adapter. Once you have completed the pairing, you can then move the adapter back to where it was plugged in next to the battery and reconnect and cables.

If the lights do not start flashing as expected on the devices, you can conduct a full reset by pressing and holding the Pair button for more than 15 seconds, and then release. You will see all LEDs go off momentarily, and then begin to flash. When the Power LED turn solid, the reset process is completed, you can then attempt to pair the devices together again using the steps above.


If you would like to connect your Moixa Optimised Battery System to a wireless network please contact the support team to activate this feature.

  1. Once the support team have confirmed Wifi is active you should see a new wifi network appear when searching for wireless networks in your home. This network will be called “Moixa-….” followed by the device’s unique MAC address.
  2. The support team will provide your password to access the network.
  3. Once you’ve connected, open your web browser and navigate to to access the portal.
  4. Click the ‘Change network’ button to be taken to a list of networks the hub can connect to.
    If the network you want to connect to doesn’t appear, wait a few moments and try refreshing the page again. If the network still doesn’t appear, try moving your wireless router closer to the hub.
  5. Once you have selected your network, click ‘Connect’, then enter the network’s password if one is required.
  6. The portal should then return to the initial screen and may take a few moments before confirming that it is connected to the wifi network.
  7. You can then safely disconnect from the wifi network.
  8. You will need to disconnect any existing ethernet or TP Link device from the battery before the wifi connection is fully utilised by the battery
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