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Connection to the internet

Your Moixa Optimised Battery System requires a live connection to the internet in order for performance data to be shown on your dashboard and mobile app, If you are not seeing any new data from the battery then you will first need to check there is an active connection between the battery and your internet router. Your system should be connected to your internet router using one of three methods:

  1. A direct Ethernet cable between the battery and your router.
  2. A pair of powerline adapters (TP Links or Devolo) plugged into power sockets, one beside the battery and one beside your router
  3. WiFi

If you are not familiar with which method is being used please contact the the support team who can help identify this for you.

I have recently changed internet providers, how do I reconnect my battery?

If you are replacing your internet router, please ensure that any ethernet cables are moved over to the new router and are firmly connected.

If your wifi network details have changed and your battery has previously been setup to connect over wifi:

  1. Connect to your battery’s network, this will be called “Moixa-….” followed by the device’s unique MAC address. If this is not visible or has not been activated before please contact your support team.
  2. Use the password provided by the support team to join the network.
  3. Once you’ve connected, open your web browser and navigate to to access the portal.
  4. Click the ‘Change network’ button to be taken to a list of networks the hub can connect to.
    If the network you want to connect to doesn’t appear, wait a few moments and try refreshing the page again. If the network still doesn’t appear, try moving your wireless router closer to the hub.
  5. Once you have selected your network, click ‘Connect’, then enter the network’s password if one is required.
  6. The portal should then return to the initial screen and may take a few moments before confirming that it is connected to the wifi network.
  7. You can then safely disconnect from the wifi network.

How much bandwidth will the system use?

Your Moixa Optimised Battery System will use approximately 100 MB per month.

If this is an issue for you we can reduce the traffic to your system. However, please be informed that this could limit how much of your data will be visible for us, which could affect our ability to help you, ins case you had any issues in the future. Because of this we recommend staying at the standard 100 MB per month.

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