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How do I turn my battery off?

Once your Moixa Smart Battery has been commissioned, it is designed to operate continuously.

However, if you have been instructed to turn you battery off, it is important that this is done so correctly. To do this:

  1. Firmly press the bottom of the front panel upwards to reveal the front control panel underneath the cover.
  2. Press the MODE button on the front panel for 10-15 seconds, until you hear two beeps.
  3. Release the MODE button and wait for a further 30 seconds until you hear a single beep.
  4. Safely turn off your Moixa Smart Battery by flipping the ON/OFF toggle switch on the right hand side of the control panel.

How do I restart my battery?

Using the steps above your Moixa Smart Battery can be safely turned off. Once turned off, please allow 60 seconds before flipping the ON/OFF toggle back on to turn your battery back on.
The system will conduct a short start up process and should return back to normal operation after a few minutes.

Why does my battery never go below 20%?

The ‘depth of discharge’ for a Moixa Smart Battery is 80%. This means the battery charge level will not go below 20%. This is set to preserve the health and lifespan of the battery.

Will my battery operate in the event of a power cut?

Unfortunately your battery is not able to provide power during a power cut. The inverter requires a constant power source for the system to charge or discharge. For the safety of any engineers working on the powerlines, the battery will not discharge any power during a power cut. Once power has returned your system should revert back to normal operation but if this is not the case please contact the Support team.

Noise level from the battery

The level of noise from the battery will fluctuate depending on its level of operation, if the fans from the battery are on constantly your battery may be in BYPASS mode, BYPASS mode is indicated by the lights scrolling up and down the control panel.

Key Documents

User Manual

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User Agreement

Moixa User Agreement – valid for installations from August 2020

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