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How do I turn my battery off?

Once your Moixa Smart Battery has been commissioned, it is designed to operate continuously. If you have been instructed to turn you battery off, it is important that this is done so correctly. Your battery should have a round isolator switch that can be turned to the OFF position, when switched off the LCD screen on your Moixa Smart Battery should go blank. When the isolator is turned back on the system should automatically return back to normal operation but if this is not the case please contact your support team to investigate further.

How do I restart my battery?

To restart your 4.8kWh system turn it’s round isolator switch to the OFF position and leave for 30 seconds, you can then turn the isolator switch back to ON, your Moixa battery should automatically return to normal operation and display the Moixa logo on the LCD screen.

Why does my battery never discharge to 0%?

The minimum state of charge of the battery is limited to maintain the battery health and lifespan. The maximum usable capacity of our 4.8 model can be set to 90%. meaning the lowest expected level of charge would be 10% If you battery is only currently using 80% capacity and you would like to increase this please just contact the support team who can update this for you. The level of charge in the battery may gradually decrease through self consumption, but If the level of charge drops too low under its reserve level, the system will automatically correct itself with a very short charge up from the grid. If your battery ever displays 0% charge please contact the Support team so they can investigate and advise further.

Will my battery operate in the event of a power cut?

As standard, you battery is not setup to provide power during a power cut. The inverter requires a constant power source for the system to charge or discharge. For the safety of any engineers working on the power lines, the battery will not discharge to provide power during a power cut. Once power has returned your system should revert back to normal operation but if this is not the case please contact the Support team. *Currently this is not an option, Moixa are working on making this feature available as an addition to a standard installation.

Noise level from the battery

The level of noise from the battery will fluctuate depending on its level of operation, if the system is causing any disturbance at a specific times of day we can set it to run at a reduce the level of charge/discharge which will also reduce the level of noise from the battery.

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