Solar Battery ยป Troubleshooting
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There is no live data on my dashboard or app

Check there is a live connection between your battery and your router, check the connection types section for more details on identifying and troubleshooting any issues.

There is no lights lit on the front of the device

Check your mains consumer board and any additional mini board to confirm there are no tripped breakers. If there are no tripped breakers and your battery still appears to be turned off, please push the BYPASS button on the front of your unit to put the battery in BYPASS mode, if the lights come back on, press BYPASS again to return the battery back to normal operation. If the battery is in BYPASS mode but there are still no lights displayed, please contact the support team to investigate further.

I am having a smart meter fitted/upgraded and the battery is no longer working

Please ensure that the clamps attached to your household wiring are not disturbed or moved from their original location. If any electrical work is due to be carried out by a non Moixa Accredited installer and requires temporary removal of your batteries system clamps, we would suggest taking reference photos before any work is undertaken to ensure the clamps are returned back to the correct position. The specific position and direction of the clamps connected to your Moixa system are integral to its continual operation so if these are removed or knocked by accident, this may impact the performance of your Moixa battery system. If the clamps have already been moved and the original position is not known, please contact the support team to advise further.

My battery data does not match my meter readings?

Your system is calibrated so our data should be in line with your meter readings for PV generation and Electricity from the grid. If there is any discrepancy please advise the customer support team, they will ask you to provide 2 sets of meter readings for both your PV and Consumption, taken around 7 days apart, we can then compare these readings with our data, and make any required adjustments to the calibration.

Why is my battery not charging from solar?

As standard, your Moixa Smart Battery only charges when there is surplus energy available from your PV panels. When your household consumption is higher than your PV generation all the solar power will used in the home leaving none spare to charge your battery.

If there is excess solar available but your battery does not appear to be charging, please check that the battery is not in bypass mode.

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