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How one family took back control of their energy bills

By Guste Jan 29, 2018

Double glazing, loft insulation and solar PV panels, two of our newest customers, Amy and Chris from Essex, are no strangers to making changes that benefit the planet and their pocket. But it wasn’t long after the couple installed solar panels that they realised they could slash their energy bills even further by installing a Moixa Smart Battery.

The Bowden family - Smart Battery

Meet the family

The environment is a key concern for the Bowdens. Chris and Amy try to cycle wherever they can, shop locally and minimise consumption and waste. They also try to instil these values in their two children – aged 8 and 10.

It’s not just travel and shopping where Amy and Chris are making every effort to protect the environment. They’re finding that home improvements – such as better double glazing and cavity wall treatments – are making them more sustainable, saving money and showing their children how to be more environmentally aware. Although getting the kids to turn their bedroom light off can still be a challenge!

After installing solar PV panels a few years ago, the couple were well aware that a battery storage system would be a fantastic way to further reduce their carbon footprint and save them a heap of money in the long-term. After some quick research, Chris wasn’t short of quotes from a number of home battery providers. He found Moixa through an article in the Guardian’s ethical and sustainable magazine My Green Pod and was impressed with the company’s response time and low prices.

“Having had solar panels installed a few years ago, it felt like the right time to build on my energy saving plans. I’m so glad I did!” – Chris

A new member of the family

Moixa Smart Battery

Soon after the family’s decision to go with Moixa’s Smart Battery, Lee, our friendly and experienced engineer, popped round to advise them on how to get the most out of their new gadget. Once Amy and Chris had decided where to install it, Lee set about fitting the 3kW battery and connecting it to the family’s existing rooftop solar array.

Moixa Smart Battery installer

“The whole system was up and running within two hours. The technician was great and gave us all the advice we needed to get the battery up and running. And since then, if we experienced an issue or needed support, we knew the helpdesk was right at the end of the phone. We felt like valued customers throughout the process.” – Amy

How does the smart battery work?

The Moixa Smart Battery, installed in Chris and Amy’s home, is storing clean solar power when the sun is shining and their household demand is low – during the day Monday to Friday, for example. This free solar energy is then supplied back to the house during ‘premium’ peak times, such as the early evenings, when the family return from work and school.

What are the benefits of the Moixa Smart Battery?

Energy from the grid is most expensive at peak times, such as weekday evenings. By using the electricity generated earlier in the day, the battery allows the family to both decrease its carbon footprint and save money.

GridShare control dashboard - Smart battery

What’s more, the Moixa online dashboard means that family can see the environmental and cost benefits for themselves. This visibility boosts the family’s confidence in the system and has made Chris and Amy more aware of their carbon footprint.

“It’s fantastic to see the kids embracing the challenge and being be more mindful of their impact on the environment. 
It’s one more small step in the right direction, with the added benefit of reducing our bills!” – Chris

Want to decrease your family’s monthly energy bills and support a low-carbon grid? We offer solar PV panel and storage battery packages starting from just £4,995 including VAT.

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